'Superhero Musical' by Team Indeed

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Superhero Musical
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The Musical Movie
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Film: Superhero Musical
Genre: Musical
Team: Team Indeed

Automatically I'm going to give my own film 5 stars but it proved to be very popular with the audience that saw it in Heat 2. I had fun making this and rushed it all in 12 hours. Blame Final Fantasy 7 for taking up all my time lol. I did everything myself because my fellow team mates (my nieces) were more interested in watching Dora The Explorer then helping me lol. I duno if it will win but I'm sure it will be in the top 4 films :)


Great songs and music - 4.5 out of 5 for that component. I'm knocking off the half point because I don't enjoy random bad language just for the sake of it (yeah, I know ... I'm a prude). It was really just one big music video. Well done for doing all that by yourself. It was certainly quirky.