'Vigil' by RAW

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The Action / Adventure Movie
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I was a little confused with your story here but the lead actor put on a good performance as a disturbed young man. I feel this film would've worked well with some music to highten some of the scenes as unfortunately I felt the audience didn't connect with the story as much as you'd hoped. Good luck for the competition.


I agree with the above. Some great potencial here though hope to see more of them in the future.


Sadly, the dialogue was unclear in this film and we missed the exposition which led to a great deal of confusion as the story went on. Obviously some of this confusion was part of the mood of the film - and there was definitely a nice style about this film. Some very solid acting, and good makeup. Camerawork fitted your mood - and was very effective. In general your production standards were high. My main reason for not giving a higher rating, is the unclear storyline, and too high a level of ambiguity. While I recognise the director's intention, the audience still struggles with being in the dark for large portions of the film. Well done though, some good stuff in here.


Some good stuff in this one. Agree with some of the others that it was a bit hard to follow but you had good performances from your cast - script just needed a bit more thought in terms of finding the most effective/efficient way of releasing information to the audience. Great work from your makeup artist, and probably best use of the prop in heat 5 as well (the SD card).


Like others I got a bit confused. A bit more storyline development would have helped things in that regard. Good looking blood and bullet hole but the strike with the stick could have been done better (e.g. change the camera angle so you don't actually see that it misses by a long way). Watch out for unintentionally picking up large company logo/brands in the backgrounds. I thought you could have filmed the message actually playing on the small camera screen itself as that would have given a better reality to it. I'm not sure it fits the genre brief ... maybe just. Great effort and I'm sure you could improve on it if you did it all again with the 48 hour clock ticking down. Stay together as a team if you can and we'll see you again next year.