'Don't Do The Right Thing' by We Shoot Actors in the Face

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Don't Do The Right Thing
The Converging Storyline Movie
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This was a really good film! Solid in all areas, nice lighting at the start with the lazer tag, and good costuming. Sound was pretty solid for most scenes. Good casting and the two leads. The story was very good and surprisingly understandable for something with so much in it. Nice characterisation and clever script.


Please! Don't shoot the Unicorn!

First up - I loved this film. City finals definitely. Contender for winning the competition? Maybe.
You're story was the prominent aspect of this film, and wow, it was great. Compelling yet still funny is what springs to mind. This was reinforced with superb acting and high production value.So why not 10/10? Well there were a couple of MINOR issues. One was with your levels - I felt that the dialogue could have been louder at times and it was hard to hear in one or two places. Perhaps this was a technical flaw? I had heard there were some audio troubles with your rendering format. All in all though I return to my original statement: I loved this film. Good luck in the finals!


What was the tone you were looking for in this piece? drama? comedy? coming of age? Be careful with the over all feel of your film as I felt this jumped from 2 extremes in story lines (the good deeds leading male was overly happy and the other lead was overly dramatic), when they came together at the end I didn't connect with either of them. The guy picked up his card and gave it back to him and it changed his life? I'm sorry but it missed the mark for me.


This is that glorious moment, when the team that we've been saying in our reviews "has a lot of potential" for a couple of years, proves what they can do with that potential. This team has definitely been firing reasonably straight for a few years, but this year is without doubt damn close to the mark. So given that accuracy, I won't rely on a misfire saving the unicorn - and hope that this film gets some of the acclaim it deserves.
Stellar acting, we definitely got on side with your characters very early on in the film. Production standards were high, and scoring was very effective. (Some dialogue was a little unclear but this is a very minor gripe). It was an entertaining and compelling film that nailed the genre. A strong contender.


I agree with Matthew - this team has really come in to its own this year. Good fun, looked fantastic, nailed the genre, well chosen music. Loved the shot of Laser Force guy silhouetted against the dirty windows. Maybe some minor sound issues. (Disclosure - I am a team supporter and parent!)


A compelling story executed very well by the lead actors. The cinematography was for the most part good, some shots were very good - a solid effort. The film was slightly let down by patchy audio in some places, not sure what caused this but it detracted from the overall professionalism of the film. The major downfall of this short in my eyes was how the two stories converged, the idea of one fellow changing the other's life through an act of kindness was good, but the execution needed sharpening. It was hard to believe that returning the guys laser force card really changed his life, and there was very little lead up or explanation of how mr good deeds ended up taking a bullet for the laser force addict - he was just suddenly lying there with a bullet in his chest.

Overall a good film, I hope to see it in the finals.


OK, I'll admit it, I have a soft spot for this team, they've competed before in various guises and monikers and they're getting stronger and stronger all the time.
While this isn't a perfect film (losing your Laser Force card isn't that big a deal, is it?) the strengths of this film clearly outweigh the flaws.

Allyn Robbins is a delightful character, and I really would like to see him stretch himself as an actor. Its unfair that we only get to see him in time pressured events like 48 hours as I think he has some abilities we've yet to appreciate.
Supporting male, Ashley Stuart, has that 'haunted' look that is so hot right now, he really should be cast in something else, quickly!
A little more latitude in his character would've endeared him to us too.
Matt Beveridges' cinematography was spot on, the dirty window shot from inside Laser Force was magic, very appropriate.

But the audio. Dammit. Hollow, lost, camera mic audio just spoiled this outing for me. Great, dirty metal music from the (I assume) Big Bang and Fuzz catalogue tied it together very nicely,
but the vocal captures were a nasty stain on this fine fine film.

No Unicorns Were Harmed During The Making either.