'Roots and Romance' by Pretentious Winkers

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Roots and Romance
The Musical Movie
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Nicely done and quite funny.
The lead was charming and enjoyable to watch and the songs were enjoyable. A really well done musical, you could tell all involved had a lot of fun making it (as demonstrated by the back up dancers in the final scene). This film was at it's best when the cast were singing. My only real critiques were a few shot choices in the dental clinic, and the syncing of the music was way off in a lot of places, though this was overcome with some clever costuming in one scene. A few technical issues as well. Definitely one of the best of the evening.


My favourite film of the night. The musical was done perfectly - you nailed in in fact - and this clever story coupled with high production standards made for an excellent film. The one thing I would mark it down on is the ending, which I understand was meant to be cheesy and funny, but came off as TOO cheesy in my opinion. It seemed like a spur of the moment, "let's just drag the crew in" moment to me. Otherwise great though! Good job!


A nice feel good musical. I would say musical is one of the hardest genres to pull off in 48hours. While your songs might not make the billboard top 40 they were catchy and served the purpose of the film fine - the guitar guy in the bed was classic! A let down for me was the story, it started strong with the dentist falling in love with his patient, but got a bit weird when he had a bad nights sleep (due to insomnia) and then fell asleep on her face the following day - it just felt like the insomnia was forced into an otherwise interesting story. The only other let down I would mention was the production value - now that the average quality of 48hour films is so high handheld shots really stick out. A good tripod or some other camera stabilisation would go a long way :). Well done team, you should be proud of this film!


Director's intent was clearly seen, and I think you succeeded. A highly entertaining film was produced that the audience definitely connected with and found compelling, well done. The music was very well done, and while the characters were quite (intentionally I assume) 2-dimensional, they were communicated well, and their simplicity worked to your advantage, giving easy character motivation, and getting the audience on-side. The lip-synching/overdubbing was very evident, and it also would have been nice to normalize your audio - the music was mixed far above your dialogue so we lost a few lines. But Musical is tough genre for 48hours so I think you did a very fine job.


Iron your shirt. That is my only negative on this film, so...if you're a dentist, iron your damned shirt.

The rest of this delightful film is just that, delightful, the male lead, a little lost in poor lighting, bad wardrobe (really, really inappropriate and bad wardrobe) and some questionable lipsynching (love the mexican non-guitarone player seq!!), and the very hard to hear, but exceptionally cute, receptionist, couldn't put me off liking this. It was great.

OK, it was a little thin, and clunky, towards the end. Meh.

Musically, you'd have to be King Loser from Mars to screw it up with Elena Berg and Michael Morris on your team. Cool riffs, funky beats, and the blend of his and her voices, OMG! Sweeet. Wow, now that is talent, folks. Maybe a nod for best score/song too. Did I mention how bad the wardrobe was?


Enjoyed the lyrics and music. I got to around the 5 minute mark and started wondering how much longer it had to go - it wasn't taking me up or down in terms of the storytelling, just ... along. I got a little focussed on the wrinkled shirt since I'd already read the other reviews, which left me thinking that he should have started out pristine and crisp then deteriorated as the accumulated lack of sleep affected him more. Watch out for continuity issues (pretty sure the next patient wasn't a "her" named April), little kids playing on roads in the background, and stray director voices not removed during the edit.