'The Sheist' by Handcranked Productions

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The Sheist
The Crime Movie
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I'll say it, I'll miss Handcranked from this competition. Desperately, madly, missed them.

While we did get to see their disqualified film, and I for am glad I did, its not the same without them.
Good direction from Steven Belsten, again, good framing throughout and a mushroom trip with Worrik Stanton of course, along with good audio and music!!!
and then! WOW!! A flame stunt, not CGI, not AfterEffects, but an actual flame stunt. Kudos to you Handcranked. Well done Steve Belsten for occupying the flaming woolen suit.

Principal Female leads, the ever reliable Dell 'Fish on then Wall' McLeod, able and capable Katie Peppercorn (the fart gag was unworthy of you) so sweetly made Hank Haining into the dark cruel agent we need him to be. His portrayal of a bad man in 2009/2010's 'Trapdoor' is still one of my favourite Handcranked films, Angel Lyon was superb in that little gem.

I think Hank representation of the compulsory insomniac quotient of the character very well indeed, perhaps the best of the Heat.
Lok, enough goodness its just sad we can;t have them on the podium this year.

Maybe they'll come to the City Final anyway, and get an award for most audacious Team Intro!! Whips and chains, eh?!


THEY LIT A PERSON ON FIRE!!!! I instantly text my crew to let them know that there was a film THAT LIT A PERSON ON FIRE! lol i'll give all my points for that!


The story started well with the excitement of a bank robbery, but then descended into a series of gags about some unusual bandits trying to steal petrol from an angry insomniac farmer. Unfortunately just not my kind of film. I didn't find the film very funny and I think humor was it's only redeeming quality. The production value, editing, effects and sound mix were in my opinion fairly poor compared to other films in the heat.

While you could see it coming a mile away, the flame stunt was pretty impressive - not the kind of thing you see every day. Certainly added some wow factor to this film.

Best of luck in the rest of the competition!


I felt worried for the dude engulfed in a ball of flames! Considering how long it went on for! Despite deciding to disqualify themselves, I think it is definitely in the middle of the competition.