'Closing in Five' by Bus of the Undead

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Closing in Five
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The Converging Storyline Movie
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Good job on the cinematography, though it did feel a bit repetitive *one trick pony* after a short while. Some of the camera angles I thought became a bit questionable/distracting too as your above/below eye level started to bounce about for no apparent reason (?).
I really liked the twist at the end with the second team of robbers, though just as it was building to a great climax with the couple out on a date, it just kinda tapers out into an unsatisfying end....
7/10 mostly for tech wins and moments of acting gold from your lead couple.


Great lighting, good production, slick and purposeful. as we have come to expect from this group of semi-pro's.
But...and here is where the wheels fall off...its a mis-fire.

The converging storylines didn't...converge that is. A bad date going very bad (quite funny in an 'Office' kind of way) and a thinly sliced second tier story shoe-horned in about 'getting in' before the restaurant closes, I suppose to rob, and not to grab a quick falafel with a side of cous-cous? There were guns involved so I'll assume they were going to rob.

Then, as the baddies were walking to the job, suddenly! a second group of bandits appeared! wearing the same 'Sara Jessica Parker' and Piggy masks!
but from Where? and Why? and How? did they get into this film? Two quick black and white shots do not make a converging storyline. But anyway...

Theres a push-up, not a punch up, and somehow the bad guys either knock each other unconscious (or suffocate in their masks), theres a noise and the dating pair go outside.
Upon discovery of the bodies, the 'hard policewoman' "Have you ever been called a pig?" did...what?...nothing. No police training kicked in, no body check, no 'call for back u' weapons check, nothing. A Big Hole of Nothing.

The style of BOTU films is slick, very capable and clearly able to deliver the goodies, in spades, but they just...don't.

All stars, all of them, even the cringe-worthy supporting male, nicely awkward. Female lead was a delight, crisp but reserved.
The bad guys mate received a lot of screen time for a few well written gags but then...nothing.

Its not their material, although they are a little ropey at times, its the deliveries, direction and editing that seem to undermine BOTU.
And its just too bad, as this team, numbering quite a bunch by the very nice credit sequence, cold really deliver some serious firepower, but,....y'know...they don't.

Maybe the beer sodden team intro had something to do with it?


I loved this film. Mad respect for dealing with the converging story lines genre in such a clever way. The only thing I would mark it down on was the ending - I felt it was not clear that there were two different heists being preformed on the same building. That took away from the punch of the ending. Otherwise great job.


Slick production values and competant acting kept me engaged; it was only upon later reflection that I realised that the structure of the film was only loosely woven together. The flashback of the police-officer seemed to promise some sort of action-packed finale, but turned out to be unrelated and irrelevant. I didn't feel like the genre (converging storylines) was very well utilised here, there was only one real story, the other was merely a scene. Dialogue was pretty hard to understand in places. Otherwise, it was a well-polished film.


Good stuff people. Found it funny and entertaining, easily one of the gooderer films on the night. Thought it was well shot and flowed pretty well. Ending was slightly weird (incomplete scripting maybe?..), but i think thats where a lot of teams struggled anyways. Cheers for the watch!


Slick and polished. Technically awesome. Undead Bus, you should know you've won our team over as fans/aspiring filmmakers ever since we saw your 70s cop show intro (with a car flip!) in 2010.
As for the actual film: The acting! Acting is very hard to get right, especially when there's no action / technical fuckups to distract the audience. Your team nailed it.
The story was good, although I was expecting more at the end.
This film was delightful eye-candy. Mmm.


Definitely my pick of the night - a beautiful film in all respects. The lighting in particular was very successful, and your audio was far clearer than most of the other films heard in this heat. There was some excellently written and performed dialogue, which made up a compelling and entertaining film. Ending was a little flat, but was otherwise a great film.


I did enjoy this and was quite excited to see where it was going to go. Great gags and technically was very good. I agree with the other reviews in your ending fell a little flat at the end, but I'll be checking out more of your work. Good luck for the rest of the comp


The sound and lighting was great in this film! I enjoyed the humour also!
The last part was a little confusing and strange as to why there where two different sets of robbers who were wearing the same masks? It wasn't communicated very well and that was a little disappointing but apart from that, great film!


Expected big things from Macshane and team. Boy! Did they deliver. Very clever comedy, great one liners, plenty of awkward moments. High production value, best yet. Only gripes I have is the characters didn't interact when they converged and that the conversations had by the crooks in the car weren't to each other but was one from each team of crooks. Only because that confused me when they both turned up. Nothing eluded me that they might be from different cars. But have still scored you highly.