'The Price of Pilsner' by Robocrop

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The Price of Pilsner
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The Horror Movie
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Really enjoyed this. Good story, kept me interested. Nice one!


Excellent job done with the set and filming! Story was not too bad either, although it wasn't exactly scary; but that's not necessarily a concern since horror isn't just about making the audience jump from their seats but also about inducing tension which this film did here. I liked it :)


Robocrop have a history of making some great films, but this year was a real disappointment. Their film Promises last year was far superior to their efforts this year. It feels like script was written on location and the film didn't really fit horror genre. Avoid effects if you can't pull them off such as the fire in the eyes. Better luck next year guys.


At a brewery a cleaner is murdered by some sort of unseen entity. Some time later a new empoyee starts at the brewery. During his orientation he is warned by crazy Vic about a haunted gas bottle/valve. It seems that Vic, however, is the only person who can hear it. Strange things start happening...

Robocrop must have been mightily relieved to have a film this year that was still in competiton at the screenings, following a couple of years of disappointment. The word was that they'd kept things simple for 2013. This proved to be pretty accurate and while this short looks good and is nicely edited it lacks the real pace and energy that I've come to expect from a Robocrop film. As a horror it was all a bit flat, with no real tension, no real scares and a rather lifeless story. I did like the eerie drone running through it but it didn't really build to anything. It may have helped if there was a central character for the audience to care about.

Solid, likeable but it just didn't grab me!


to me it wasn't horror, a horror in my opinion must scare the snot out of you, this didn't. but on saying that I liked the set, the idea behind the gas cylinder and thought that Vic was great at the beginning of the film and then went flat. as the film progressed I thought this is predictable I know where it is going, well done Dave you proved me wrong. did you use your new steady cam at the beginning of the two actors walking through the factory? it was a nice shot. I also feel that the fight scene was a little lame but we don't have stunt professionals to work with in 48hrs. I will give you one star Dave just to cause a fight but will throw in another four because I liked the forklift scene with empty kegs, can you imagine the mess if they were fill .I have watched it three times and I will watch it again


I think that the story for the film was alright, but, like nimlin said, it didn't really feel very horrific. I think that the structure, starting in media res before flashing back/forward (I was unclear) to the new guy at the brewery, before featuring another flashback later made things a bit muddled and killed at least some of the suspense that could have been built. The walk-and-talk introduction to the brewery was very cool, and there were some other nice shots, but I think it was framed a bit wide overall and some more dramatic framing might have added to the film. The acting was generally pretty strong, especially from the manager, but the music got to be a little over-bearing in places. Overall, it was a good effort, and nice to see you've made a short that didn't get disqualified.