'Incarnate' by Paranoid Celluloid

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The Immobolised Movie
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A guy is with his partner going to a bar. He forgets his card and goes back to his car to find that a few street thugs are attempting to steal his car. He fights back but they ultimately leave him paralyzed. A mysterious person contacts the now paraplegic, offering to kill the thugs that paralyzed him. The thugs are then killed for what they did.
Audio was sketchy, much like 80% of 48hour films :). Had some good parts such as his beating, with consideration of colour grading which is nice to see. Possibly some more attention to detail, yes I noticed the camera gear in the car parks, and he locked his car up with the window down :). Cool idea for revenge, and incorporating it with the genre. A hard genre to keep original but it was un-expected and kept interest going. Well done


Film started nicely and carpark scene was well shot but ending let it down. Strange shots and audio issues also didn't help film.


When a guy pops out of a pub to check his car, he is savagely beaten by a gorup of thugs and left paralyzed. He enlists the help of a hitman to extract revenge!

Had a great, (albeit overblown) fight scene that was probably the highlight of the whole film, apart from a nice slo-mo. Audio was really quiet and often drowned out by background noise.

A reasonable effort though!


Lots of laughs at the fart "did you hear that" scene. Hard to hear the audio in the bar. Nice punch sound effect and lol at the camera caught in the shot at the back. Fight scene was brutal. Music was a perfect match. Cool style on the POV running away shot. Cool shot of the eyes looking around. Crazy vocal sound effects. lol @ the cans of V being the exchange price. Great effort.


We opened with an ordinary and somewhat comic scene at a bar (complete with a rather incongruent "did you hear that?" fart gag - this actually filled me with childish glee, since it was the only time I experienced this particular 48Hours drinking game element across all the films I saw this year). The scene goes on much longer than it needs to, but then our main guy goes out to his car, which is getting broken into. A brief confrontation with the criminals results in a pretty damn brutal group assault on our protagonist, and hence ends the setup for this Immobilised genre story.

Left bedridden, our hero speaks to a very silly-voiced character on the phone. It is some urban legend about him being the guy you call to get revenge on wrongdoers. And so, um, there is some kind of bargain made, and righteous carnage ensues. It all gets a bit horror-slapstick at this point, with a few nasty attacks/murders, and that's pretty much the end. So in summary, an overlong beginning, a promising middle, and a slightly confusing and inappropriately comedic ending. Actually the tonal shifts were a big part of the problem here, with the film never being quite sure what it was. The assault in the carpark was filmed very artfully, and I loved the moment when the girlfriend/wife came outside, and we saw the reaction written on her face (speaking of whom, such a shame we never saw her again - it would have been interesting to see her instigate the revenge). I would have loved for the filmmakers to have committed to this darker tone in the second half of the film.

I think the main lesson here is to stay focussed on what the core story is that you are telling, and to not let unnecessary elements (the bar scene at the start, for instance) get in the way of that, nor to lose track of what style or mood you are trying to evoke. Because the few moments in the film that really worked for me worked really well, and it would have been great to see more of these.


It was in need of a decent twist in the storyline to bring it all together in a conclusion, rather than just ending on a few guys being revenge killed. E.g. One of the thugs turns our to be the Revenger. There were a lot on non-sponsors product logos everywhere which you probably need to avoid next time, in order to be a contender.