'The Red Door' by KeeWee Films

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The Red Door
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The Musical Movie
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Not sure how this won their heat but congrats anyway. I really enjoyed how the character was excited to see the red door later in the film, even though it was the 15th he'd seen. I'm not sure how the main character knew the door was the one leading to the party because they were all the same. Plot went no where but some ok effects. Wasn't really a musical as their was only one song that didn't really relate to anything. Really awkward ending but unfortunately it was one of the stronger films in the heat.


A gothic looking dude receives an invite to a party behind the Red Door. Finding a red door is no problem, but finding the party is a different story.

A parallel-world/alternate reality piece where each red door leds to a different world/setting. Nice transitions between doors, some good filming, some humour with the old couple, but that's about it.
Importantly, where was the musical aspect of this? It was rather lacking in anything close to that genre. Was this the film you'd planned to make regardless of genre?


Great music in the intro. Amazing title effects, holy crap. Really nice color grading. Super creepy/well done goth get-up. Loved Vic giving away CDs when he was getting mugged. Loved the red door as a gateway. Great work with the balloons leading him onward. Cool mix of locations. lol @ the old lady "get stuffed". Amazing job editing the train to collide with the door. Nice twist ending. That was superb.


Not at all sure how this could be classed as a musical, but evidently it does. Bit of an odd one here, with Vic Meyer, a has been pop star traveling to the location of his surprise party. However, it appears the only method of travel is through random red doors that are scattered throughout the locale. This immediately brings to mind many questions, none of which are answered. Eventually Vic finds his way to the real red door (how does he know it's different to all the others?!) and finds out it's locked. This film had some nice shoots, and clever editing (with the train) but unfortunately not a lot of substance. Congratulations on winning your heat also!


Nah, sorry, not a musical at all, was more of a road trip movie. Just a bit cheesy and odd. Almost thought you were going to use Happy Birthday To You as a song but just as well you stopped since that song is copyrighted (hard to believe, I know!)