'A Dress to Impress' by On The Table

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A Dress to Impress
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The Obsessive Relationship Movie
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I think I loved every decision that was made in this film, from the noir treatment to the black-boardered screen.

Story, lighting, acting, all really great, and the world felt from another time!


This was really tidy. I loved the silent acting and the facial expressions that went on. My only criticism is that the voice actor had a modern mode of speech that drew me out of the 40s-ness of it a little.


Fantastic film in every way.


A man narrates the story of how his marriage is breaking down and how he is slowly being drawn into the arms of another woman.

Filmed, well, noir style and presented in a very small aspect ratio, this is literally looking through the window of someone's life. It's nicely filmed and edited, the sound is good and the acting convincing (apart fro mthe voice issue mentioned in another review) The black and white works well and I really enjoyed your execution of the car scene.

A possible finalist, but a litttle too bland for my tastes.


"The house was quiet for once" funny line. Lots of cool stylizied shots. Great scene in the car. Believable. Bummer about the weird cropping on the video. Really cool/well-composed POV shot. Liked it a lot. Great job setting it in the 50s or whenever. Rock solid design choices. Cross-dressing scene was funny. No sound at the end left it a little bit flat unfortunately. Great performances and a great short.


I really liked everything about this film. The noir feel that it had to it was brilliant, including the decision you made to have the movie in a smaller frame within the screen, the costuming decisions, and the decision to have it narrated in voiceover. I would agree with a previous reviewer that the voiceover didn't entirely seem to match the feel of the film. While I felt that this was the only thing that bothered me about the film, it was a fairly major element. That aside, however, this film was brilliant and totally deserving of the award it's been nominated for.