'B.A.' by Olax

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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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This film was a good package all in all! I liked some of the ideas that backed up the story. I personally found it believable that there was a world outside of the building, that it wasn't just a set for a film, which was probably because of the story and how it was told.

I think that the sound and film quality could be bumped up a tad, as well as the sets and lighting. The shots outdoors and through the security camera were really great as they had character to them.

Liked it!


Genre nailed! I loved this. It was cheap and dirty and the acting was wooden, there was inappropriate scientific equipment, it all worked exactly perfectly. I loved the fight scene.


Thoroughly enjoyable B-Grade, genre-nailing film. Excellent job!


The beginning of Olax's 2012 short "Dream Castle" is something I've watched over and over. Big fan! So my expectations were high for this one. There were some nicely back-lit shots, some good fight/action scenes and you did stay committed to your genre. Technically speaking, some of the camera work and most certainly the sound still needs to be worked on.

Good job with a tricky genre.


Nice security camera shot. Cool computer graphics-looking stuff. Great shot with the android silhouette. Great music during the scene with the red lights. Cool and stylish short. I would have preferred he walk straight into the camera at the end, but it ended well as it was. Great 80s-ish action movie feel.