'Exam' by MockingBird Productions

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The Non Dialogue Movie
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I loved the imagination of this film, the ideas really make up for the inherent hindrance of your genre. The shots, characters, and scenes were all great!

Just make it shorter next time. (Hrrnnnnnng cursethosetwoseconds)


I was impressed with your creativity at delivering jokes without speech, and couldn't stop laughing the whole way through. The rivalry between the the lead and the guy sitting next to him was great. The final shot of him "what can you do"ing with his hands left me feeling a bit cheated. But still, I wished I could have voted for this one.


Lots of laughs for this one, real shame we couldn't vote for it!


University student Vic, takes an exam and must deal with his own fatigue, a ticking clock, a clicking pen and other forces conspiring against him getting his paper completed.

This short, made by a collection of ex-Lincoln High, ex-LHSTD, ex-Banana Pie, ex-CantFilm people was unfortunately disqualified for being two seconds over the seven minutes. Oh noes! Builds character though, doesn't it?!
The concept for this well thought through and delivered on screen. Everything was clearly lit, nicely shot and superbly acted, with well-timed pieces of humour. Apparently, all of the foley was done during the 48 and it was good apart from a couple of sound fx that were a little out of sync. I enjoyed how you played a little with the "is he dreaming/not dreaming" at one point. It was probably a little drawn out in some parts, and hence felt a little long - but you already knew that!

Overall, a great little short that should be in the running for Best Disqualified Film. As former charges of mine I'm still very proud and thanks for a mention in the credits, or is that a dirty word?


Loved this film. So guttered we couldn't vote for it honestly think this film could of made it through a few more heats. The lead acting was very good and perfect for the role conveying the emotions of a student that couldn't focus in an exam. Loved all the jokes the only thing was a few sound effects were a bit off, but still way better than most the films that night. Hope you guys at least win best DQ film. 2 sec guys....Looking forward to seeing what you guys pump out next year. Great Job


The Storyline to this film was full of subtle humor even though no words were said. The non dialogue element worked perfectly with this film. I would have defiantly voted for this, if it wasn't for being two seconds over!
Acting was very strong in this film too, and had age appropriate casting.

The only thing that left me feeling confused was the final shot of the film.

Hope to see Mockingbird Productions get through next year.


Tough to read what's on the board. Good lighting/exposure on the shots. I found the V guzzling to be funny for some reason. Great POV shot. Very funny. lol at the middle finger guy. That was great. Movie carried itself pretty well with only the sound effect for driving audio, which I found particularly impressive. lol at the cards being thrown in the guy's face. Great building of annoying sound effects. Really sharp/nice. This is like every exam nightmare ever. Amazing bit with the guy writing small and getting Vic to look over. This was a fantastic short, so it's such a bummer you got DQed.


Tremendously entertaining! I'd forgotten I couldn't vote for this film, and I was legitimately disappointed when I went to make a mark beside it and realised that it had been disqualified. Better luck next year. This was an incredibly enjoyable film, and one of the only humorous films I found legitimately funny the whole way through. The audio unfortunately didn't always sync with what was happening on screen, which was occasionally jarring, but also kind of gave a bit of a sense of Vic's frustration with the whole situation. All in all, a good film and a shame about those two extra seconds.