'Bourbon Legends' by Les Cousins Dangereux

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Bourbon Legends
The Crime Movie
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Man, this film was great from beginning to end, and I'm totally forgiving the blue strip scene bugs at the start because the story and concept worked so well. The Vic Meyer in this story is my favourite, as his character matches well with legend his old classmate tell.

The shots were imaginative, and you pushed yourself in regards to the locations, going where other film crews wouldn't really think about.

I don't know for sure if it was a joke on the audience that one of the card players "messed up" the mandatory line, only for it to be thrown in really well at the end, but I think it was, in which case, bravo!


This was my favorite of the heat. The lines were well delivered and the story was great, I had no trouble believing the film despite the technical glitches.

Also great commitment on the part of Vic for shaving his head.


Loved it. It had everything, take it to the top, guys!


Three guys sit around drinking bourbon, playing cards and discussing the popular theories on whatever happened to Vic Meyer.

This was one of my favourites and should find a place in the finals. A clever story, smart use of the line, generally interesting dialogue and good acting, especially from Vic. Nice location use and some well-thought through set-pieces sold this to the audience who loved the story, and were well satisfied by the ending. Shame about the Premiere Pro rendering message that hijacked certain parts of the film!

Great job!


Nicest title plate I've seen. Ouch on the rendering overlays. lol at Vic stealing the books from the library. Awesome shadow work in Lyttelton. Super cool shot of Vic crawling towards the camera on the beach. So cool. Really sharp editing. Amazing scenes with Vic as the drug lord. Sound effect in the eye was gross and awesome. Awesome ending. Loved it. This was one of my favorites.


So this film was all kinds of amazing. So much so that I'd totally forgotten about the rendering message other reviews have mentioned, and I'm inclined to continue to ignore it when it comes to rating the film. This was absolutely not where I was expecting you to have taken the crime genre, and I was delighted with the surprise. One of my favourites of the night. I was laughing right from the team introduction onwards. Well done doesn't even begin to cut it.


This was pretty neat. The concept of a few guys slinging back bourbon and making up a drunken story about whatever happened to Vic Meyer was a good idea for a 48Hours film, if it maybe overstayed its welcome just slightly by the end. The final little bit was clever, but the story didn't really develop or end, which was a touch unsatisfying (if totally in the spirit of a bunch of drunk guys). The various fantasy sequences were really well done, especially the one involving Vic being sold into slavery, and looked quite good. The framing device was a bit cluttered visually however, and the various shots in it didn't cut together very well. The acting was really solid, though the dialogue got a touch self-indulgent in places (the Whale Rider thing just kind of sat there). Overall, I quite liked it, but I can see maybe why it didn't make the finals.