'Breath of the Gods' by Intelligent Design

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Breath of the Gods
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The Techno Thriller Movie
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Set in the very distant past, Greybeard comes to see Vic Meyer who is a mystical leader of the area. She sends him on a quest to recover the"Breath of the Gods" from a competing tribe of woman. Off they go!

This kicked off with a nice moon shot and in general the rest of the camera work was acceptable, as was the audio. There's a lot of walking and talking in this and really not much happens, apart from one or two funny moments.

Techno thriller? Not sure what happened to that.


Goofy intro. Very fun. Amazing interpretation/subversion of techno thriller. Great costumes and selling the primitiveness of it. Nice music, I particularly liked the drums. Confused about the ending... did he have the god's breath? Did he use it up? Shrug?


Have to say I was quite confused throughout the entire thing...
..mainly because I was trying to gather how this was a techno thriller...
Good effort though and costumes were great!


loved the set and costumes, not sure about tecno thriller, sound seemed all over the place on my system, some nice camera work and great music. were the vocals dubbed? but hey another 48hr movie was made