'The Perfect Reunion' by Thumper Productions

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The Perfect Reunion
The Reunion Movie
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Thoroughly enjoyed this film. It was very well filmed, I loved the story line/whole idea, and I thought that this team did a really good job.

Very well done.


I'm obviously pretty biased as one of the main writers for this film, but I thought it was one of the top ones in the heat. Technically speaking, it had a bit of a polish that comes with the fancier gear we managed to get our hands on that other films lacked. Whilst there were a few continuity issues and a couple technical glitches, overall I'm just glad it was better than last years film.


Vic is a little bitter and twisted. She scans her blacklist of people who were mean to her when she was younger (although she's still pretty young!). She invites them to a dinner party with the intent of getting murderous revenge.

One of the issues with attending multiple heats is that you often see similar story-lines and so it was a case of déjà vu for me with this film, as something very similar played a few nights earlier. While everything looked really good, sounded good and was edited OK, there were a number of things that detracted from my viewing experience. While not as bad as some teen films, I still didn't think that the roles were 100% appropriate for the ages of the cast - a girl that age with a house like that? Hmmm. The dialogue at times was rather tedious as was the everyone arriving sequence - what was this an episode of "Come dine with me"?

The strength of this film was the way it reference some famous horror films and their signature kills - no more so than the stair stabbing tribute to Psycho. Loved these, but I did wonder at times how the "yet to be killed" characters managed to miss some of the murders, that were occurring literally right in front of their faces.

A good effort though and certainly one of the stronger entries in the teen/school category.


This was one of my favourite films from the teen section, the plot was funny and easy to follow. The technical side of this film was very impressive for a younger team and I think allot of thought went into the planning and shooting of it which helped the team produce such a great short.


Well made film, nice editing, nice acting, well write, the problem for me as well as others was that with the age of your actors, the plot wasn't at all plausible. I would recommend that next time you find some older actors if that's what your film needs. Well enjoyed though.


Really enjoyed watching this film. I thought the plot was well developed considering the time constraints enforced by the competition and the acting was good.
The lighting/camera-work for this film was generally excellent and the shots/angles used suited their respective parts of the film and plot.
Good choice in music however the overall balance in audio levels across the film was slightly discontinuous but not distracting.
Possibly one or two minor continuity issues also.

Over all, a very enjoyable film and a very good production effort. Well done.


There was a great storyline and just enough comedy. It had excellent sound and visual quality. Although there were some technical glitches.
Excellent Job Thumper.


I thought the film was technically very good and I really enjoyed the different classic horror references! There were a couple of minor errors like exposure in one or two shots but the film on the whole was good and made sense throughout. Very well made considering it came from the teen section!


Funny intro. Nice title effect with the flowers coming up and wilting and junk. Sharp audio. Gratuitous tongue shot was pretty funny. Cool shot of the champagne filling the glasses. Cool shot of the volume knob turning up. Scene with scooping the punch ended up (unintentionally?) funny because it was extra long. I liked the close-up shots of the pills/crushing/etc. Very cool. I liked the sharp color grading when Vic was up to her mischievious ways. Lots of really funny bits... hopefully intentional. Cool closing credits.