'Headline Hunters' by Orange Cone Productions

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Headline Hunters
The Musical Movie
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First thing that I loved was the awesome cinematography!
The story was good with the musical and good use of character.
Very entertaining.


You guys did very well considering the difficulty of the genre, but I found myself a little confused in the middle. Maybe work to establish characters more in the future.


One of my favorite shorts of the night, best end to a film for the night. Very good acting, although I felt the singing was very off key most of the time. (I guess that only added to the comedy though) I did see a lot of films with death and murder in them on the night, and it did get boring. Overall a solid 9/10


Vic can't sleep and if he can't sleep, then no one can. What's more, they're not going to live either. However, he has competition in the serial killer stakes - a higher class of murderer intent on remaining Number 1 in the headlines.

This was a pretty solid crack at the musical genre and although the music side of it wasn't necessarily sustained throughout, what was done, was quite entertaining. This was particularly true of the end rap which was the best written song of the film. Even more I felt could have been made of the competition between the two killers which would have helped to develop the characters further. Tech was pretty good, with a nice variety of shots and the sync was only really out in a couple of places.

Well done on beating a tough genre!


Musical is a very hard genre in a 48hours competition and I really enjoyed what you guys did. It was a bit confusing in the middle and cinematography could use a little more focus occasionally (but most films had this issue). Overall I was really impressed by what I watched, some great comedic moments.


Very cool steadicam/dolly/stabilized shots at the beginning. Nice use of lights. Newspapaer was great. Nice special effects. Amazing singing when the guy gets stabbed in the back. Nice contrast of cheery tone with dark lyrics. "Vic Meyer, Bitch" into the rap was amazing. Great acting by everyone. The rap battle was hilarious and disturbing. Super messed up ending, dudes. :-/


Great job considering you got the musical genre. I found myself a bit lost in the middle of the film but otherwise it was one of the stronger films from the heat.


The end rap battle was your strongest song and vocals by far. Found the out of sync a bit distracting at times. Sorry but the over-lay on the newspaper was just corny. You could have done so much better for those shots even by just creating items to glue onto the actual pages rather than using the editing tool and a big white-out. You did stick to the genre from start to finish though so well done for that. Many others have definitely dodged the genre but having just one song (or less). You certainly embraced it and gave it a decent go.