'The Choices' by Christchurch On Air

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The Choices
The Race Against The Clock Movie
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News of an unclaimed winning Lotto ticket keeps Vic awake at night as she believes that she has it. When this is confirmed she faces a race to get to Wellington in time to claim her millions.

A pretty solid effort this following on from CHCH On Air's 2012 effort "The Collectors". The situation was well set up and the constant challenges facing Vic on her journey to the airport seemed nicely thought through. The acting of the lead was pretty good, as was the overall quality of the filming. I thought the driving shots were particularly well done. My biggest grip would be that in a film that races against the clock, this wasn't that tense, with there being no feeling of "will-she", "won't she" make it. The ending was satisfying though and left us all with warm fuzzies. Nice job!


there seemed to be a lot missing from here, as though it could have done with 15 minutes rather than 7. warm fuzzy ending is a little too warm and fuzzy and there is very little on the dilemma of the choice. however did have a bit of other tension (on the road especially) and it wasn't too bad overall.


For me, the story STARTED at around minute six with the choice Vic made at the airport. A promising idea that needed to be developed a lot further.


Great opening music. Rough audio during the weird boyfriend (?) confrontation. Nice piano music. No idea what happened on the phone call. Confusing. Liked the split-screen ladies. Though I have no idea what it was about. In retrospect (i.e. after talking to my wife), I liked the message driving the film (few 48hours films have messages or good ones, in my experience), I just feel like it was slightly dampened by a confusing presentation. However, my wife seemed to follow along perfectly, so maybe it suffered from being the last film I watched of the night.


I think this is a film that you need to think about after viewing it. I had to freeze frame at the end in order to take in what was being shown on the split screens - nice job with leaving me wondering as to which life she choose. It would have helped to have held those split shots for a little longer in order to allow the viewer to make the comparisons. I thought that perhaps all the options should have been signalled earlier in the story ... thinking back she actually had 3 choices to make - Lotto, Dubai, or Brother. The sound needed some work in places and I'm pretty sure there were a few copyright issues with brand use, but overall an enjoyable watch that didn't ever make me wonder how long it had to go (which is a good thing!).