'Azanti' by Zebra Crossing Inc

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The Non Dialogue Movie
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Another technical achievement, this time using stop motion as an element to tell this non-dialogue story of a woman embodying the essence that is Azanti - the sandskrit term for anxiety and restlessness. Over 4000 still images well shot and stitched together builds a great sense of the characters sleepless drifting in a world that just seems to go past with no regard to her. Also accompanied by an amazing score written and recorded by Michael Bell during the weekend.


A tough genre, but these 48hours legends did very well. The Stop-motion element took your mind from the obvious lack of dialogue and told a grasp-able story none the less. A pain-staking labour of love, and sharp end result.


Wow what a lot of work that must have been. Wonderful to see on the big screen. I enjoyed the music and the visual delight created in this stop motion film.


Vic can't sleep. She seems anxious. We see the scene of a hit and run accident. We make assumptions as to the cause of her anxiety. We see the city of Christchurch and how Vic is moving through it at this point in her life, and what attention it is paying to her.

This is quite brilliant really. A real experience to view. According to Richard Lord he took over 7000 shots to create the stop-motion effect - and it works so very, very well, sweeping Vic and the audience along in the story. Really beautifully shot, well-acted and an awesome soundtrack.

I think this film has a great chance of taking out Christchurch. Not only is it an intriguing and well delivered story but the techniques used to show that story is a real point-of-difference.



Great intro. Really cool stop-motion effect. Great use of the crosswalk sound effect to cut. Really enjoyed the stop motion feet (no) movement thing. Awesome chalk graffiti. Super cool shot on the pier. Worth the effort. Not entirely sure how the ending wrapped up, but very well done and a heck of an achievement.


I thoroughly enjoyed this short film. I was impressed with the stop motion, not only because it was done well but because the film did not rely solely on its technical point of difference in order to be a good movie. The music was fantastic, it looked gorgeous, the characters were believable. I liked watching this woman's journey as she became more open to connection and consequently started to smile and relax. The ending confused me a little bit... did either of them know the other was there? Was the friendship orchestrated from the start as a result of the accident, or was it coincidental? Thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. Thanks Zebra Crossing Inc!