'Quarrelsome Heat' by TBALC

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Quarrelsome Heat
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The Action / Adventure Movie
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TBALC veterans have once again delivered a great entertaining film filled with great characters and well written witty dialogue that whips past you and tickles the ears. Great use of locations and sets to pull off 1900's London and an entire feature film with Steve Austin's dastardly Sandman would not go amiss.


Hugely entertaining Victorian romp. Loud and engaging characters, costumes and scenes. Left wanting more Steve Austin.


Great humor start to finish, with some great titles and period-correct facial hair. The feel of the film made way for some spiffy OTT acting, and the script was worthy of a 48hour veteran team. A jolly good romp overall.


Great characters, great costumes and great storytelling. This film was a lot of fun to watch!


Funny and enjoyable movie. Fabulous costumes and I loved the punch up scenes. Unfortunately I missed some dialogue at times as it got a bit lost sound wise. Really good job guys.


It's Victorian London and Inspector Victor Meyer is dealing with his case load, an estranged wife and his arch-nemesis, The Sandman. It's all a frightfully good romp.

This started awesomely with an entertaining, over-the-top duel that obviously foreshadowed later events. There were some clever moments - the carriage ride for example and a lot of witty dialogue. I did find some of it though a bit hard to understand through a combination of loud audio and just a little too much speed in the delivery. Great costuming, clever use of locations and nice attention to detail - the sunburn on The Sandman's face for example.

Not convinced that the story was that strong but I'm sure this will get a nod for "Best Script", given the way the characters are developed. As mentioned in other reviews, Steve Austin steals the show with his performance as The Sandman - great piece of casting and he seemed to really enjoy the role.

No doubt will feature in the finals, but this short is not as clever or engaging as their 2012 effort.


Amazing use of the line. Great title sequence. "Sent to Australia" line was amazing. Nice editing. lol @ the ankle. Loved the zoom in during the sandman meet-up. Great effect with the sleeping powder. lol @ the ankle exposure at the end. You guys are so good at making fun, entertaining, hilarious shorts. Please get someone to give you all a bunch of money to do this stuff on the regular.


Great film! I loved it. Entertaining, funny, great facial hair and costumes, plot was interesting but not overfull, funny one-liners (Australia!), cool fight scenes, just a quality action/adventure. Some of the dialogue was a bit quick to follow but that could just be me... and the plot was still able to be followed with the missed dialogue. Two thumbs up :)