'Polaroid' by Submission Impossible

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The Race Against The Clock Movie
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A well done drama with some actual punch to it. I really like the understated-ness of Vic's insomnia and how it was used as the crux of the unfolding drama towards the end. Well shot, edited and acted. And who doesn't like time traveling babies? Also liked how its not said how the daughter manages to send her memory box back in time, it just happens. (unless I missed it ) Overall a great 48hours film.


Awesome film. Real tension built here with a satisfying climax. There's nothing like a baby to help an audience emotionally invest very quickly in your characters. Obviously a very strong finalist film and a team to watch.


While Vic is driving to pick up her sister, her husband digs up a mysterious box in the garden. Its contents put him in a race against time.

This story was well set up, nicely shot and edited. Technically, a really strong effort that really engaged the audience. The acting was strong and the film was well-paced from start to finish. A couple of picky things though: One; the finding of the box was a bit too coveinient for me and you really do need to not think about how it got there - 'cos it doesn't make any sense if you do! Likewise I couldn't help but think I'd seen a chunk of this situation before - and I had in the 2007 film "Premonition"!

However, I'm reaching for stuff really. This is a very strong effort and a certainty for the finals. Awesome job!


Beautiful filming, loved the opening scene, great mood setting. I think the acting and the characters were really believable (cutest baby ever!)
I did wonder how the box got in the ground but I guess how much of the story can you tell in 7 minutes - made me want to see more! I liked how you could kind of surmise your own ending as it was left hanging at the end which is the only reason I could hold the tears back! It's a very difficult thing to get an audience emotionally involved in such a short time so great job there. I think you guys have got a great chance, well done!


I especially liked the photography in this movie with the use of warm colours. All the camera shots seemed to be carefully planned.
Like others I was on tension when the driver was trying to wake up the woman driving the car in front of him and was I expecting her to crash the car then when the audience relaxed there was that sudden unexpected clash at the end that had an impact on the audience.
This movie seems to have everything going for it with all the boxes ticked.
I can understand why it got first place in heat 10.
Well Done submission Impossible.


Great short. Lots of beautiful shots. I was particularly engaged by the "chase" scene while the husband tried to catch his wife.

In talking about it after the viewing, could it be that the child went back in time and planted the box because she hated her father, preferring him to die over the mother? Or perhaps the child didn't survive the crash and it was someone else who went back in time to plant the box to make sure the child was killed in the crash? Lots of questions when you take it to weird extremes...


Awesome film. Captivated in 7 minutes with feelings of sadness and shock! It was just great.


Loved it. I was blown away with how invested I became with the characters and their story in only seven minutes. Simple and beautiful - the plot is so uncluttered but pulled off so brilliantly. Great acting, I really believed the family dynamics and felt the husband's panic in the car scene. I liked the clever and subtle use of the character, card and line. I also liked that they weren't afraid to leave a few questions open - how did the baby go back in time and put the box in the garden, what happened after the crash - for me it made the story better, rather than being spoonfed the details. I thoroughly enjoyed being taken on this 7 minute journey, I look forward to seeing it again!