'Second Helpings' by Guerilla Gorilla

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Second Helpings
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The Reunion Movie
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Definitely one of me and my friend's favorites - it deserved its spot in the top 3. It was quick and witty, and original. The awkward humor was good, and I liked the twist. there could have been more of a ending "punch-line" though.


Without a doubt my pick from this heat, and I say that as someone who normally can't stand the awkward-funny mockumentary genre. Thought the story was a good take on "reunion" the genre they were given, and the pop-culture reference was both fresh and amusing. The performances by all the cast hit their marks more-or-less perfectly, and there was just the right mix of empathy-evoking sweetness and bitter satire. The self-reflexive, "film-maker becomes film-subject" was clever and well timed, and pushed what would have otherwise been good film into being a great one. On top of all that, the production values were top-notch (although admittedly the reality-tv style does make that job a little easier).


Well shot film, great acting and just the right amount of awkwardness. Great involvement of prop, line and character requirements. A really well executed film, with a great script and concept.


Nice idea but it looked like you weren't able to come up with an ending for it which sort of disappointed me. But an endless film can only disappoint if it catches you for the beginning and middle which this one did, intriguing plot and characters had me wondering what was going to happen next. Good effort overall.


I really enjoyed this film. I thought the acting was of a high standard and the cinematography was sound! Good luck!