'Sweet Baby J' by Green Bay High School

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Sweet Baby J
The Obsessive Relationship Movie
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A hopeful but ultimately unimpressive attempt. The end twist was expected, although the acting was good. We definitely didn't need to see the whole news story segment to reexplain what we had already saw though. I liked the "shock baked beans dead ghosts ending, It should have just been that.


Double-obsession twist was good, and the visceral gross-out baked-beans shots were appropriately repulsive. Acting was good, although I thought the Vic character could have been used more, maybe played for more laughs. Have to be honest, the news sequence wasn't necessary and cheapened the drama of the story, even though it was well executed. The twist was a little obvious, so maybe could have been obscured a bit earlier on.


This was a really clever story with a great twist in it. It was also cleanly shot and acted well. The baked beans which featured throughout was a cool idea, I feel like I'm going to be put off them for a while now! There were some nice shots like the point of view shot through the iphone and the close up on the scraping baked beans - which has stuck in my mind. The only bit which could have been executed slightly better was the news reporters part, which didn't look as believable as the rest of the film. Overall an awesome effort.


Good attempt at the genre without being too cliche. I like the twist.