'Quest For Zog' by goon in space

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Quest For Zog
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The Non Dialogue Movie
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I had fun watching this movie, despite some problems. The story was simple, the actors were cute and I liked the story and end twist. The movie was about 3 minutes too long however. There were also 1 or 2 ..."interesting" shots... (If you have seen this movie you will know what I am referring to).


Let's be honest, the second camel toe was unwarranted. Simple story left a big burden on the actors, who I have to say came through pretty strongly. Moments in the performance were genuinely hilarious, and the characters were endearing. Biggest draw back was the length, it could have easily have been 2-3 minutes shorter and still had the same punch. Loved the jerky, time-confusing editing idea. Coneheads-meets-Teletubbies, who can complain?


This was a hilarious and cute movie. Non-dialogue seems like such a fun genre. The characters kind of reminded me of teletubbies - those onesie outfits were awesome. Even though they were really funny, some of those crotch shots were just a little bit long! Great self-deprecating type humour though. Nicely shot too.


I am not sure why I liked this movie....but I did! Just very silly and funny. Not sure we needed so many below the belt shots though.