'Greetings From The Meyers' by CorinthFilmers 13.4

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Greetings From The Meyers
The Horror Movie
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Good grasp of the genre and nice use of effects - actually had me levitating out of my seat at one point. Wasn't quite sure what was happening at the end, though.


This horror film had all the staple horror elements in it, the intercut frames of people in the shot, the low lighting etc. The main thing I felt that let it down was the sound.

Overall a solid effort but the end got a bit confusing as the guy he was with suddenly was one of the ghosts?


Great start but got a bit lost towards the end. Nice moody lighting, but quite a few intrusive cuts - sound issues possibly? Good effort though.


Good use of visuals and audio to create the atmosphere but I didn't fully grasp the story (why was it greetings from the meyers?).


Really enjoyed the start of the film - the horror conventions worked fantastically here & set the tone well for the rest of the film however once the guys entered the house the narrative seemed to fall apart a bit? Found myself a bit confused with what was happening towards the end. Was Vic actually a ghost?
Poor sound is something to work on for next time as I found myself focusing on the sound quality rather than the story. The ghost make-up was great so kudos to whoever did that!