'The Development' by Cookie Films

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The Development
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The Converging Storyline Movie
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Felt like it had been made up as it went along. Did look like you had fun making it though, and isn't that the point, really?


If there was a prize for the most bizarre story that didn't make sense then this would win. However the team looked like they were having fun.

The farmer was very random but funny along with it. Vic seemed to only appear in the background peeing against a fence for some reason?


Interesting... haha I won't lie, I got quite confused watching it (who was Vic?) and didn't grasp the story as much as I would've hoped but I had a laugh at the 40 year old teenager!


Obviously had some fun making this film but kinda hard to discern the over-arching story!


Looked like a lot of fun, some pretty gold moments in possibly ad-lib moments! Wasn't sure what the story was, but v. funny.


The Development is a hilariously irreverent non-linear fly-on-the-wall style documentation of what young Aucklanders think farmers do all day. At least I think it was. It was kind of hard to follow, but very enjoyable in all its absurdity. I feel like this film deserves some kind of award. Maybe best bad film, or maybe the aptly named MITCIT WTF award, given that unfortunately MITCIT are only in the running for best disqualified this year. Whatever it is, these guys should be encouraged.