'Somnus' by Carpe Diem

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The Action / Adventure Movie
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Low production values but nice use of POV.


Essentially the whole film was POV. Set in a classroom Vic is picked on by some classmates and a girl he likes sticks up for him. He starts to play a game and he has to defeat a boss (based on each suit in a pack of cards) to win the girls hand.

Overall I thought this was well filmed, the story had a good flow to it and the acting was good. Thought it should have featured in the audience favourites but some other good films in this heat too.

Well done to this team and I look forward to what they can come up with next year.


Good effort for a school team (violent- but still good), I thought the 'gamer' story idea was a great way to make the POV technique work for you. Practice makes perfect so keep it up!


Clever story and conceptually strong dramatic ideas! Some more experience working with filming and editing will take you guys a long way


Definitely a film that took the audience out of it's comfort zones. Clever use of the gaming storyline that pulled the viewer into the characters world and got more than the desired affect when they dropped back into reality. Very adventurous for a school team and look forward to more should they keep it up!


I actually thought this was great! Really full on story, really well told using all the right tricks and great pairing with music. There was a lot of work in it for 48 hours! Thanks