'The Assignment' by COL & CO

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The Assignment
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The Techno Thriller Movie
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Two girls are working on an assignment, and videoing as they do it, and a guy wanders up telling them they need to disconnect because everything we do is tracked and they are watching us. They want to know more so they follow him back to his apartment and by the end they are converted and out telling others about it. The end however shows the guy, who turns out to be Vic, just going back to work.

I was intrigued at the start as to where this was going but it never eventuated into anything. I thought the acting was good and the initial idea was good, just needed finishing.


I thought this film was original. You could tell that a lot of hard work went into it. The mixture of conventional footage and "recorded" footage was a nice touch that made the film feel real. However, I think the short could have benefited from some tightening - more editing and some tweaked dialogue. It felt as if some parts were being made up as filming went along. The ending was neat but lacked a big payoff.