'Stand To' by Chur Bro

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Stand To
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The Obsessive Relationship Movie
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I think I get what was going on here: A disturbed guy becomes obsessed with his new neighbors, turns kidnapper and psychos out on them? Cool idea, but so much time wasted in the beginning. I feel as though 4 or 5 minutes was used to set up the plot and just plain ran out of time for the payoff. Try to storyboard your idea so you can see how the scenes play out, it's worth the extra time to do it because it saves a lot of time in the production stage.


This didn't make sense at all. Vic dresses in army gear, grabs a water pistol and surveils the neighbours (who he thinks are the enemy) and invites them over so he can hold them hostage, then there is a struggle and then the couple are back home and the movie ends. The only dialogue was the required line which didn't seem to make sense. Not sure what Vics motivation for the 'enemy' was apart from maybe being sleep deprived?