'RUN' by Burn The Dog

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The Converging Storyline Movie
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This was my third favourite of the night.

Vic, who sees his doctor about his insomnia, is sent out running as a cure for it. The other storyline is about some guys out in their 'man-time tent' who meet Vic when he stumbles across their tent.

I laughed so much during this film, the acting felt really natural, kind of like this is what these guys are like in real life, and the dialogue I thought was well written for them. Some funny and gross out moments and the bloody angel was classic. Nice film, only pipped by the kids and the robots.


Immaculate acting - maybe the best performances ever.


I've really enjoyed watching your films since your 2011 Christchurch one, and this was probably the best that I've seen from you, improving on some of the pacing issues from last year. Your scripts are always funny, but this was just a bit funnier. I'd also add that you are the first team I've seen nail converging storyline, which was a fiendishly difficult idea to pull off in 48Hours. I liked that you essentially started somewhere in the middle of both your storylines, while giving us just enough hints as to what had happened before (Vic's been having trouble with insomnia for quite a while, one of the guys in the man-time tent just broke up with his girlfriend). The acting was brilliant all round, and I particularly liked how natural all the performances seemed. The one thing that I would say is that it still could have been edited just a bit more tightly. There are a couple of spots that lag a little (the end of the doctor scene, and two or three spots in the man-time scene), and it would have been nice if you could have tightened them up by cutting to different angles - though I suspect that you guys shoot a lot of wide shots, making that a bit hard.