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The Techno Thriller Movie
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This had an excessively long POV, presumably from a gopro camera, which showed someone running through the woods. This scene could have been cut in half or even jumpcuts to shorten it as it didn't add to the story. This mysterious person runs through the woods and watches someone leave their house and breaks in. The people come home and they run off only to be shot by the owner. Then they wake up back in their bed and go to the bathroom mirror and the movie ends. I didn't get techno thriller from this at all and it didn't seem to make any sense. Maybe I was missing something?


Had no idea what was going on the whole time, all I saw was a lot of POV shots of grass and dirt..


The POV shot (required element) was held for too long, and had no real effect as a result. It was also shaky, and jarring.
The plot was quite complicated and hard to follow. I don't see where a lot of the events fit in, or why they were there.
Did it follow the genre? Looking someone up isn't that technical ...
Still, if you're bored ...


A confusing piece that I still don't understand. I sure it had a good plot, but the filmmakers have to try harder to communicate it! The shaky cam was Ddsconcerting and drawn out. Not the worse of the night though.


This team didn't grasp the genre and seemed to just shoehorn everything in there to no good effect. "Did you hear that?" No, no I didn't because there was nothing to hear. I love your enthusiasm but please work with other people next year.