'48' by Boomtown

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The Race Against The Clock Movie
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A film that appeals to every filmmaker in the audience... who hasn't worked with that director before. I was gasping for breath when the DoP was showing all the awesome equipment he had to use (and a little jealous that you guys had a jib) but the director insists on the "hand held look". Funny as!


A making of a 48 hour film. Unfortunately I have seen a number of these over the years and this didn't bring anything new to the genre of mockumentary but it still had some gems in it. You really felt for a number of the team because of the annoying director and I loved the 'best boy' scene with the seagulls. The actors did a good job of showing emotion and drawing sympathy from the viewers but that was really the highlight.

Not a bad film but could have pushed the genre more.


I really enjoyed this film, as the acting was very good, which was a change from many other films in the heat. The idea was not completely original however, and needed something extra to set it apart from all the films like this. Especially liked the role of the director!


Very well executed genre here. Even though used before it used the genre (race against clock) really well and tying the vic meyer character playing a character! Some really good laughs to for film makers.


I enjoyed this film, because it is a film that every filmmaker can relate to (especially after having done 48HOURS).
Where did they get that gear?
I want some ...
I don't want to work with that director though ,,,


The type has been done before, and this film felt like it was missing half the plot. What we saw was good, but a tad drawn out. you could have cut out half the awkward silences.


This would have benefited a lot of the team had thought about the film that the characters were supposed to be filming. As someone who has to deal with people shooting things inappropriately for VFX regularly, the poor positioning of actors on the green screen made me cringe, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

As an atheist, your credits alienated me but I didn't mark you down for that.


I really enjoyed this film. The moment where the DOP is showing off all the gear and is then told they are filming hand held was sheer brilliance. It was really funny but felt a little repetitive by the end which is why I'm just giving it 7 stars.


A film we could all relate to (hopefully not *too* much), but perhaps a tad drawn out. Entertaining.