'Love at Hand' by Boneless Skeletons

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Love at Hand
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The Obsessive Relationship Movie
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A very good lead actor who delivers some funny lines leads us through a long and drawn out, badly paced, dirty joke. That's about all I got out of that.


I know this will sound bad, but to me this was the best worst film, but don't take that as a negative.

The main character was looking for love in completely inappropriate and awkward ways before finally getting to grips with what needed doing - ahem - which was very funny. There were some technical issues with poor lighting and the film size was too small, looked like a letterboxed 4:3, but the bones of a great film were there I thought. With a bit of work on the technical side before next year I think this team could be one to watch. Well done on a funny film that was well played.


Not the worst film of the night, but could have been better.
The reveal (face value, people) was a little cringe-inducing (again, face value), and solved the narrative in an unsatisfactory way.
There were some good jokes in there. But not enough.


Despite technical setbacks, the story was light and fun and it had an interesting twist that left the audience with a collective "eww". Not exactly star materiel, but it had a lot of heart. Very interested to see where this team goes.


genuinely funny film, but the title was too on the nose, would have come off better with a subtle title. Your mic is buggered, get a proper DOP, editor and sound person and you will make a great film next year.


This was an entertaining film however the punchline was obvious and vulgar and there was some pretty bad dubbing. Still definitely not the worst film of the heat.