'Defective' by BoADacious

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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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The story was fairly weak in this film, but it had some redeeming features and I thought the ending/reveal was great. I loved the costumes and the light of power was quite amusing but just didn't really fire for me overall.


We screwed up the audio rather badly using in camera mics as we ran out of time to sync our boom audio, also some last minute shooting lead to a lot of continuity issues. Despite this we had a great time making this film its meant to poke fun at itself so try not to over analyze it to hard. We have a lot to work on but this was our first year and we will most definitely be back next year. Great fun.


Bloody hilarious. Nearly pissed myself laughing at this one!!!


Yeah ...
To do a parody film like this, your acting has to be REALLY good. I feel the film had a quite strong plot, but lacked the acting ability which would've made it more enjoyable.
The reveal and 'CGI' were okay, but because of the cardboard costume, this film lacked believability


I liked the ending twist, but the story was a bit too humorless and empty to get a higher rating.


A majority of this films value was in the twist ending. I liked the ending a lot, but it was very silly. camera work was ok, but as they admit, sound was a bit of an issue. Looking forward to seeing next years film, just work on more than your ending next time and when in doubt, cut scenes that do nothing. I seem to remember liking the song at the end but I didn't write anything about that down.


A story full of originality and humour. I enjoyed the almost-tacky costumes & visual effects, and the twist at the end was a winner. As mentioned, let down by technical aspects.