'UNPLUGGED' by Black History Fortnight

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The Non Dialogue Movie
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A guy who works in an ear plug factory? Brilliant!!! Perfectly executed film with such a tricky genre. This film really stood out in this heat and was an obvious favorite. Great payoff at the end and stylishly shot! Great job Black History Fortnight!


Easily the best film of the heat and the most coherent story told with no dialogue (apart from the spoken line which was my only disappointment with this film and stopped it getting a 9) and a well deserved audience favourite award. I think this could be a finalist but it will depend on the judges and how they judge the no dialogue.

A guy who is playing loud music in his apartment, keeping Vic up all night in the next apartment, goes off to his daily job as an earplug tester. This was well written, well acted and I thought a very strong film. I really would have liked it if you could have found another way to get the line in without actually saying but that was really all I could fault with this film. excellent job.


A great use of the genre. Handmade ear plug factory and quality testing was hilarious, loved the punchline. This was an absolute stand out in a very dull heat.


Well deserved Audience Vote award! The storyline was very original and worked with all the elements that were given, rather than just adding them in. I liked the humour of it all, as it made it enjoyable to watch. I can see this film going all the way to the finals!


A great short film. Not sure if this is a down point - but the genre was non dialouge and there was a line of dialouge in there. I know the criteria had to include "did you hear that" but subtitles would have been the best option here with a genre like non dialouge. Otherwise was so great to watch, and was unbelievable that this was done in 48 hours.


This was another solid film, with good acting and a decent story. Although not a lot actually happened, narrative-wise, the film still had depth and meaning, and was almost a PSA about checking your earplugs before you light a firework.
The only problem I had was the dialogue. Maybe it should have been right at the end, just before the credits, with all reveals/punchlines done before?


Not sure if this should have won the best of the night. There was some technical merit, charming and good cinematography but the story had a lot of confusion, possibly because of the lack of diolouge. There was a random scene jammed in the middle with a guy disarming a bomb. I got the ending and thought it was an interesting resolution, but the middle didn't make much sense.


Best use of line in a non dialogue film and closest thing that I have seen to a decent non dialogue film in the comp yet (I have been to 13 heats so far, 10 more to go).

Story could have used some refining, punchline was obvious from the get go unfortunately. The bomb scene was out of place, if a bomb is going off earplugs are a bit redundant but I did giggle at the use of computer components as a bomb. Also, earwax, yum.


I have been lucky enough to catch a few of the heats so far and this film was streets ahead of the rest I watched in my opinion. The storyline was cohesive, great acting and a highly original take on the non-dialogue genre. It ticked all the boxes for me so really hope to see it in the finals, well done.


I was a little confused during the montage of scenes of earplugs not working but this has to be the hardest genre this year (along with musical I suppose...) and given that, this is one of the least confusing non dialogue films I saw. On top of that it was actually quite a solid story, although I didn't quite catch how the girl was related...a neighbour? Nice job with the soundmix, making it audibly interesting is really more important for this genre than any other and I think you did a great job of that!