'Sleepless In Sandringham' by Best Team N.A.

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Sleepless In Sandringham
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The Converging Storyline Movie
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Vic and a thief meet during a robbery of Vic's house and they spend time together. Had a great scene in the playground and they tried to develop the thief's character arc but the ending kind of left this film a bit flat. Some low light shots would have benefited from additional lights or filming during the day and changing in post but other than that a quaint little film.


As a feel-good film this wasn't bad, but I personally feel a converging story plot needs to be fast paced and complicated, with the characters meeting only just before the end.
The ending was a bit weak, with the two just separating after apparently bonding whilst walking through city streets, but the acting and story were mostly good.


The story and characters needed more fleshing out. There where some very good looking shots outside, but they were few and far between. Outside shots also suffered from yellow lighting and graininess. Interested to see where this team goes though.


Using a narrator in place of characters doing things is usually a sign that your story is weak, avoid it next time and we may get to know the characters a lot better. The editing was strange, but that was likely due to odd shot choices and terrible lighting. The characters were not at all believable.

I got a sense that this team wants to learn, which I didn't get from every team. Maybe try joining with more experienced people next year and then come back to your own team the year after.