'Dustbusters!' by Bang Films Consolidated

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The Techno Thriller Movie
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Vic, a cleaner is cleaning offices late at night and comes across a guy sitting in a dark corner (that I originally thought was a bathroom stall) and he leaves to get coffee, while he's gone the 'ghost in his computer' speaks to Vic. She then recruits a friend or flatmate (not sure which sorry) into ghostbusting said ghosts from the office computer with special vacuums, while wearing protective equipment on their head. I really didn't get into this movie overall.

The story kind of ended abruptly without a real resolution and could have been developed more. With some more polish and experience I'd be interested to see what they come up with next year.


Nice first attempt at a 48hr... it's hard isn't it? Interesting concept where the night cleaner in an office discovers a "ghost in the machines". The sound made the film a little hard to watch with the vacuum cleaner blaring so loud for most of the beginning and the dialog so low I was straining to hear until the vacuum starts again and knocks me out of my seat and tumbling down the theatre aisle. I'm exaggerating. Get a guy that just concentrates on recording your sound levels and you're on your way. See you next year!


The sound distracted from a interesting premise. the resolution was... nonexistent. It was very enjoyable to watch though, and a good try.


My notes on this one are a little fuzzy sorry but here goes.

If someone is typing at a computer, it should be turned on. Learn about "the line", you had a line cross or two there which distracted me a lot. I also wrote down "why toilet" but you are far from the only guilty parties there. Not the worst film of the heat.