'Searching for Wishbones' by Bacon vs Lollipop

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Searching for Wishbones
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The Action / Adventure Movie
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A riddle about finding gold or not sleeping till you grow old. Cut to sleepless nights and a lot of random searching out in the hills for the gold before the resolution of the gold necklace being found at the end. It wasn't badly shot but the story felt like it needed more to it.


I personally thought that this film was shot very, very well. Watching this short film makes me excited about the NZ film industry in the future, as I noticed in the intro that it was made by young women - and the skills they have at this age amazes me. The storyline was very creative, especially with the tough genre they were given. Searching for wishbones was very well done technically too, which was just the cherry on top of an amazing production.


Loved the idea of the film, and under the time constraints it was extremely well put together. Impressed at what this group has achieved considering their age. The shots were nice and flowed together. The music complemented the film and worked well. Can't wait to see what comes next for this group, they have a lot of potential.


The film was well executed, but the story as it developed wasn't much action, or adventure (although I could see some conventions there).
The story and acting were well done, and the reveal was satisfying (cake never gets old).


Technically a good film with some very clever editing tricks such as double exposures (especially for a school team) however this team needs to pay more attention to story structure, as it was sort of lacking.


A surprisingly well-made and filmed story. It had good cinematography, but too simple a story. The end twist was good though, and they had some unique and interesting ideas.


Didnt fit with the genre at all. Using a printer for those numbers would have looked much nicer.