'Blind Man's Bluff' by Aorere Film Academy

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Blind Man's Bluff
The Crime Movie
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This film was actually DQ'd, not sure what for.

A group of film school students are making a film when their teacher is called away to an emergency. Whenever the group separates one of them dies by the hand of a mysterious killer. Lots of use of short jump cuts in this and was consistently used throughout the film. The overall film seemed well put together but nothing special to take it to the next level.


This film was disqualified, apparently for not handing it in on time. It was a bit jumpy and the shots didn't flow together well. The sound needed to be improved as some parts were far to loud and others were not loud enough. The storyline was a good idea though, which fitted the genre.


I understood this short film well, but the camera work was not up to scratch. It was a little unbelievable but a good effort over all.


This was an okay film. In terms of story, the film-within-a-film idea is complicated (I've figured out through experience) and people either don't understand it, or find it not believable. Overall, though, it was quite well written, but the camerawork was a little shaky; but hey. 48 hours.


A fun watch, but without much technical merit. Some good acting, but a simple story made it go to waste. Hopefully, they can experiment more in future!


Technical, acting and writing abilities seem to be lacking with this team. I suspect that the film may have all been shot on the Sunday resulting in a bad edit that was handed in late.

Why the lead looked for Eve in the mens bathroom is a mystery to me. The teacher scene at the start baffled me, it was the worst scene in all regards and put the film off to a really bad start, it could have been cut and not affected the story in any way (though it was the best gag in the film).