'Teeth' by Zero

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The Obsessive Relationship Movie
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I didnt get the obsessive relationship part of this movie, though i really liked the dark scene of the boy? on the hill and his wings come out. Very good job:)


Good work guys.


I never really understood what was going on. DQ'd because it was late? Might be worth re-editing it and posting a link in the forums so people get to see what you were intending to produce. Well done for getting something in though. I know its demoralising missing the deadline.


I got where you guys were going with this, and with the other reviews i've submitted for this heat the concept was a good idea for the genre you drew. It's a shame it didn't translate well on the night. I'm brand new to setting up a whole production like this and I learn from the forum and bumbling through it all so don't take my review too seriously. One thing I did read and took note of was sound. I was very fortunate to have a friend lend me a mic / recorder which I learnt on the fly. I can only empathise with your sound efforts and know how much work goes into making even a basic sound "flow". Good on you and your team.