'NZSS' by Two Big Tools

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The Converging Storyline Movie
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Eckhart Tolle talks about 'The pain body', the idea that people watch violence and gore in order to feed one's sense of physical pain. Great to see Two Big Tools providing it in spades... or was it tin snips and a taser?

I did find it confusing how the two stories actually converged, but that wasn't too important. What was important was the dismemberment and the eye popping finish.

Young kids in the audience are going to have nightmares for a year. Well done :)


What's not to like about exploding business cards and an eye popping taser? And props to this team for completely destroying a computer. Didn't think you were gonna do it then bam, you smash the crap out of it. Nice


Really enjoyable film.
Some great twists, good acting and a fantastic end.
Lots of humour throughout.
(no, I don't know anyone involved with it - I just enjoyed it!)


kewl team intro :D

A combination of styles.. "the office", "x-files" , "007" etc... and a whole bunch of stuff I recognise but don't know where from... all of them piss takes (or so it seemed)... nice!

Completely lost on the story line but was a giggle...


Kind of confusing but easily done with a converging storyline genre in 7 minutes and the sound was a small issue for me with some parts being really loud and others being barely audible. The acting was hilarious enough though that it kept my attention though, good stuff.


Definitely had some funny moments, along with some sound issues (dialogue was often far too quiet). The acting was pretty good (especially from the boss after seeing the YouTube video) but the overall pacing needed work. A lot of the scenes ran too long, especially the one of the guy crying. Shooting both storylines as mockumentaries from different perspectives was a neat idea, but it didn't quite work for me. Converging storyline is very hard to pull off in 48Hours, and you guys made a good fist of it.