'Dreamgirl' by The Highschool Prom Babies

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The Musical Movie
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Very Impressed with the music production, which was on a professional level. I'm surprised they had the time for that kind of polish but I guess there are always those teams with the musical talent crossing their fingers for the musical genre every year.
Again, impressed they were able to source a venue with a band in the background for this. Very resourceful.
Story-wise, I thought it lacked a bit of cohesiveness and played the funny card a bit over the top at the beginning. Still it came together nicely and it's one I'll remember.


So much potential, but it looks like they spent too much time making their 7 minutes look like a feature film, they had no time left to write a story, especially an ending. Seriously good looking though....again, I would search out the 20 minute version of this if there was one.


Good music although in my view the lyrics didn't need to be quite as crude as they were in places. It could have gone somewhere greater with a storyline that had a bit more in it than just hanging out with a mate.