'Henchmen' by BattleSoup

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Battlesoup, as usual, do stylish films. The special effects were pretty effective. The acting and direction were good also.


Very cool production to work on, hope it makes it to the finals!! The special FX I hadn't seen until after working on it and seeing certain scenes for the first time as well, very cool, very affective, and would love to work with TEAM BATTLESOUP again, the story was cool and the fact that they chose to shoot in 1080P this year was a step up from lasts, very good on my part :-)


As stated already; Battlesoup as always!
These guys never seize to amaze, awesome film just like last year and wish you guys the best with getting to the almighty Civic again this year! :)


BattleSoup (as always) provide an entertaining and slick entry for 48Hours. A crisp film that embraces the tropes of the genre, while providing an interesting twist by telling the story from the perspective of the (usually) nameless goons gunned down by the action hero. Great action, top notch vfx work (special mention goes to the car explosion, serving as the backdrop for what could perhaps go on to be best use of line in the competition), good performances and a some memorable lines: "Did you fucking rig this up, you bitch," left me in hysterics. Recommended like fuck, y'all.


Great experience working on this film with the boys of the mighty mighty BATTLESOUP! Really happy with the result, cut together well, good direction from Benjiwenji, great effects, and a really fun movie to watch. Seemed to get a good response at the screening, which is always nice, and heaps of people that I talked to who saw Heat 2 seemed to have really dug it. Also, concur with the above poster -- so very, very happy that the "Did you rig this up..." line was in this movie.


Absolutely loved the Tarot Card gag, been a fan of your boys work since last year's screenings!
Can't wait to see where you boys go to from here!


Henchmen protecting their boss through a series of incidents. Starts at a support group for nameless henchmen. Unfortunately not as punchy as last years film, but still enough to amuse. The henchmen acting was quite amusing.


I've been a fan of BattleSoup since their controversial biopic and bombastic bobby young quest film. This year they bring back more of the same, with over the top digital blood and a couple of dissatisfied henchmen. Not quite as slick as last year, and it would've been nice to see Tom feature with his usual comedic insanity, but the new cast did a great job too. If you love funny accents and ridiculous action sequences, then you too will fast become a fan of BattleSoup.


Great action, good comedy, great special effects, cool accents nicely shot, good reference to shoot me up gaming. The story arc could have been a little stronger, but otherwise good job in the action genre. Proooootect me!


Wonderful production. Story pretty good but not a lot happens in a way. Did I say wonderful production already? If this team stumbles on a great story one year the they would be a horse worth a bet on I reckon. Awesome guys


A film about an expendable henchman who doesn't want to be one anymore

Audio: 3.5/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 1.5/5
Acting: 3/5

Pros: Some great visual effects, a good punch of Battlesoup trademark humour and decent sound and video.

Cons: Perhaps I'm biased here because I love these guys (You should check out the BattleSoup YouTube channel) and had some pretty high expectations.
As such, I feel this falls far short of their usual standard. The story actually felt a bit dragged out in places, without mentioning a similar "bad guy who's sick of it" animated feature we all saw advertised late last year, and not a single person gets hit by a car despite some great opportunities (What's up with that?).

Overall: Some good shots and some awesome BattleSoup Gun em' down scenes, but overall it fell flat for me. Definitely missed Tom in this one, but it was a nice surprise to see Sean, who did a great job.


As of seeing 4 heats, this has been my favorite film so far this year. Good effects, fun story, good performances and subject matter close to my own heart. If you like bad guys with hearts of gold, this is for you.

The required line of dialog was silly but funny.


I was going to give this film a 10 out of 10, but I don't think those fools prrrotected me enough. When I was back in Prrrretoria, my fools there were verry prrrrotective of me.

Having said that, I think the acting in this shorrt film, especially from Dr Du Plessis was bloody top notch. I think my folks back home in Prrrretoria will be verry proud of me.

Enough said! Now we win this thing! Fools!


This was a great way to subvert the action genre. The masks were a wonderful way to make it feel like there were heaps and heaps of them. It was just so fun!


Video: 4/5
Audio: 4/5
Story: 5/5
Overall: 4/5
Who can resist a funny gangster short. I cannot say anything bad about this film, apart from seeing it finish. Would love to see a longer cut to see what other episodes this team can put in there. I loved the comedic touches and they executed these with effective tones and pacing. A very very professional production quality like no other, this team really did stand apart from the rest. The story was simple enough to not confuse us with cutaways and flashbacks, and the level of VFX was highlighted and executed as a comedic reference to those immature and over the top excessive blockbuster action films like 'Expendables'. but at times gave the audience something to drool over, like the 'Hitman' sequence. My favorite line (as many of the comments show) was when the main protagonist goes to a magic bearer and asks his fortune to find he had been given three identical cards and he says, "You better not have rigged this, you f***** bitch" or something along the lines, and the audience were forced to like this film from the get go. Thank you for a hilarious evening, the other participants are going to have to step up to catch up! See you next year guys well done.


Very well done. Look like a well-oiled, experienced team. Little bit of an echo of the henchmen in Austin Powers, but still great fun. Technically rock solid and story so clear, even I could follow it.


Very well done film, loved the FX, and the lead actor has very nice comic timing, the hair is amazing LOL, Love the line when he's getting his fortune read, "did you rig this up you bitch" Best line in the competition. The lead villain also did well despite the accent, which I think added an even more amusing touch to the whole thing. all and all I can't fault this neat little short in any way shape or form. Well done Team BattleSoup.