'Where's Tinkerbell?' by Band Of The Wrong . . .

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Where's Tinkerbell?
The Race Against The Clock Movie
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The dog was the scene-stealer. Great performance by him. The dog should definitely get an acting nomination of some kind. Some genuinely funny moments. Loved the dog's POV-shot. Super cute.


Some beutiful shots, and great acting by the dog.

Just wondering how you got Jose Mourinho to act in your team?


Driver for a criminal? Is house sitting the boss' house and loses the dog, has to track it down before she gets back from the airport, and runs all over Ak just missing the dog wherever he goes. Not a really strong story but the dog was incredibly well trained and props to the main actor for riding a motorbike through that miserable weather.


Absolutely loved this film -- was an audience favourite and rightly so. Really proves that sometimes, the most simplest of concepts can come out with the greatest results. Simple storyline -- but executed pitch-perfect. The Dog P.O.V. shot was a stroke of heartwarming brilliance, well shot, directed and edited. The cast did a very solid job, had great chemistry and showcased brilliant subtle comedic acting in roles that could've been very easy to overplay, but, I must say (sorry to the human cast) the dog was absolutely brilliant -- stole the show. Best Actor/Actress nomination? I say yes. Thoroughly enjoyed it, was one of the top films of the night and am really interested in seeing more stuff from this team.


It's been said in every review so far of this film, but the dog was awesome. Well trained, the scenes where she(?) featured were the best.

With that been said, this was a nice little film. The actor's did a good job here in roles, that as another reviewer said, that could have easily been overplayed. Story was fine. Clear, concise and safe. But it's been said many times before that this is often the best way to go. May have not done its human characters a whole lot of justice though. Felt like they needed more laughs in a way. But opinions.

The cinematography was pretty good, though it felt some shots had more attention than others, which is often the way with this kind of shooting, at this time of year with little daylight.

Overall, a good film here from a new(?) team that will probably produce more quality work in future years. Nice job.


Well shot. Great use of genre. And points for using a dog. Hard to wrangle one would think. The acting was great for the most part. There were some moments where I got a bit lost as to what was going on but certainly very amusing. Sorry I have to mark you down for killing the dog at the end. Lovely dog. I like dogs. Cheap gag!


I loved the dog but sorry did not like the story very much. Pretty strong acting but kinda went no-where. Nothing changed....


The dog was very cute! I really enjoyed this film, it was light and although the dog was killed at the end I thought it added a great spin to the story.


Awesome dog. Some major sound issues. I wasnt sure what was happening at the start but lots of fun.


Video: 4/5
Audio: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
A definite favorite in my books. Loved the use of a dog as a main lead. I've seen child actors, prop actors but a dog! Could've been mistaken for those extremely talented dogs from 'The Artist' and 'Hugo'. I think this dog has a future in this industry. Great performance. The camera work in the car and on location was simple but brilliant in the sense, I keep questioning how they rigged, what camera and lens they used to film this. Perhaps the GoPro for the POV? The dog pov, was very well done. The comedic acting between talents was also a bonus. The story wasn't anything extravagant, but was a safe and fine plot and I think it was a great path they took seeing the dog was the scene stealer for this film and heat. I give extra applause for their location hunting. Wouldn't have been easy to film the dog in such odd places around Auckland. Great overall, hope to see you next year.


A few sound issues but overall this was a really enjoyable film - the dog was superb and there were some really wonderful shots that kind of reminded me of the lost dog Lotto TVC. Very funny.