'"Perfect"' by BadBaby

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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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Cute effort. The lady cyborgs were charming. Had some technical issues with sound mixing. Good story, acting and direction.


I enjoyed this one quite a bit -- will second what the above reviewer said with sound, it was a bit iffy, but I don't think it was a huge issue, I only noticed it once or twice, where it momentarily pulled me out of an otherwise really engaging piece. Nice concept and execution, peppered with some really nice gags, good performances and one of the best soundtracks of the night, I feel. It wasn't too long or too short, it hit a nice place, answered everything I wanted answered and wrapped everything up nicely. Recommended indeedy.


The perfect woman cyborg is maybe too perfect, cooks, loves sports and has the 'insatiable hard drive' installed. Loved the song over the credits, was brilliant for the genre. Quite charming, with funny sex scenes (every two minutes on the clock)


A cute, thoughtful comedy exploring one guy's attempt at finding the "Perfect" woman. This film had a clever plot, executed well with a really cool kooky soundtrack keeping everything ticking along. Very watchable and an original take on the genre of robot/cyborg/android. I like :-).


interesting take on boy meets girl film. watch likable character vic while he tries to find the perfect woman....through an android order loyalty card. quirky, funny, smart. especially liked the awesome soundtrack. nice binary solo :)


This is to me is what a great indie film is about. It had a great concept, was perfectly paced and was a smart little gem, although simple having many undertones and on top of that a great twist of the genre and a strong soundtrack. Best use of the line "Did you hear that?" so far with one of the droid girlfriends proudly farting. Although there were some sound issues et al and perhaps it wasn't the best technically in places, the story, comic timing and pace more than made up for it. The best thing about it is was it treaded the line beautifully. It wasn't ever crass and it had substance with these order-in robot girlfriends having wider ramifications for what men want in a woman in general, eg how the porn industry creates unrealistic expectations of women and what exactly is perfection? My fave of the night. Classy script. And great nod to Flight Of The Conchords with the binary digit solo at the end.


I quite liked this but was very let down at the direct rip off of the ruby sparks concept. This the reviewers have not seen? Acting was pretty average and ending cheesy. Still I enjoyed it guys just can't get last the rip off...too soon


Thanks for taking the time to review our film. I'd never heard of Ruby Sparks before so looked it up to see what you were talking about. It seems to be about a writer imagining a girl into being. Not sure how that relates to our film. If anything there are more nods to Wierd Science if anything but it is a completely different tone. But then again I didn't write it. I do however admit to making a nod to Flight Of The Conchords by doing a binary digit solo at the end. But hey it's a robot movie so that was 'perfect' and I thought our movie was too :) and I wasn't even in it.


A man purchases an android woman to fulfil his wishes, but is not quite satisfied.

Audio: 2
Video: 2.5
Story: 3
Acting: 2.5

Pros: It was a very cute film, had some funny moments and the split screens worked well in places. The first android lady was fantastic, she had real personality which I thought was brilliant, some excellent acting there. I also really enjoyed the song over the end credits.

Cons: A few minor sound issues, in general not as "polished" technically as it possibly could have been.

Overall: Some great visual gags and a good story. Could have been a bit more development technically, but overall a solid film.


The ending made me groan, but the song over the credits picked my back up. Some funny as performances.


Very funny. Good concept. Great performances; not sure if real or comedy South African accents. Tighter editing and better sound would have supported other facets.


It was a cool concept. Problems with editing however.


cute story - loved the acoustic soundtrack, I thought the lead girl robot was great and her line delivery of "did you hear that?" - was hilarious! I think the male lead was Ok, but was definitely overshadowed by his female counterparts.