'Threesome' by Assholes & Elbows

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The Non Dialogue Movie
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I must admit that it was a bit difficult for me to follow its narrative. It could be my own lack of patience. However the film did feel hollow.


Visually, this was one of the best films of the heat. It also had good intentions with it's sound design. However, story wise this is a film that left a lot to be desired. Vic's situation was very strange: a largely unhappy man in a somewhat odd relationship with two young women, which is pretty much unexplained. The film only gets stranger from there, and still remains rather shallow.

This team clearly understood the need for visual storytelling within the non-dialogue genre, unfortunately there was not much of a story to tell here.


A guy with two girlfriends (who are both very attractive) seems unhappy and unable to sleep. Tough in non-dialogue to explain what happens so I got a bit lost as to why one of them left and again used the spoken line of dialogue by a character instead of trying to find a way to do it non-verbally.


This has got to be a killer genre, but Assholes & Elbows were able to embrace it and use the "no dialog" to it's full potential. The story was easy to follow and got quite dramatic by the end. Good job going for the hard drama and pulling it off. Nice short film.


The luckiest man alive. Non dialogue is a hard one. The concept of a threesome was neat. It got a bit lost though. Perhaps there was a bit of a lack of chemistry or something. Or if you are going to go for a topic like this, perhaps it was just a bit too safe in the way it played out. It needed to be more raunchy somehow. The story got a bit lost at times. I didn't quite get the reason for his decision to break up. Perhaps there could have been a better motivation for it than was it just wanting to be with one of them. The tone was a bit confused too. Initially we expected comedy and we got drama but there was something about it that said it wanted to be clever and push the boundaries but it wasn't quite comfortable in going the full hog.


A man is in a polygamous relationship with two ladies.

Audio: 3.5/5
Video: 3.5/5
Story: 2/5
Acting: 2.5/5

Pros: A refreshing premise in this film, I liked the beginning. Some good visuals and sound too, which is crucial for a non-dialogue film.

Cons: It was difficult to work out what was happening. I struggled to work out which of the women was leaving and why. It's such a difficult genre to get, perhaps the montage of them happy could have been a bit shorter and a bit more time put into clearly developing the plot points.

Overall: Everyone loves a good threesome, but it felt like the story was a bit confusing beyond that. Some nice visuals and sound.


I couldn't figure out what caused the break up, or who actually did the breaking up in the end, I could have sworn he pulled out of the idea and then in the next scene the breakup was back on. Confusing! Good performances when I wasn't being confused and the cast all looked great.

Could have used an epic sex scene.


Technically very competent. Good performances. I had some difficulty figuring out what happened to the threesome at the end..


a bit of a confusing story but well done considering the non-dialogue genre
not really given much explanation for the unhappiness of the main character in a polygamous relationship

good cinematography but think the story was a little lacking


The soundtrack was the only memorable part of this film for me. unfortunately I didn't get engrossed in the storyline, although there were some very beautiful shots.