'Laid Out' by Asphalt

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Laid Out
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The Reunion Movie
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Interesting and creepy. It was quite stylish. Good attempt. I wonder how long they took to dig that grave.


Unusual film about a robbery of cards by a couple, girl dies, guy gets sent to jail. Starts with a VO as the guy gets out of jail and is confronted by a mysterious lady that asks if he wants to see his girlfriend again then they head to the final scene which I won't divulge here. Not a really strong story to this one but loved the card ripping effect, simple but effective.


Nice film. Atmospheric and visually intriguing. Thought the actors were well cast and did a fine job. All around, a solid effort.


At the beginnig I thought the film was perhaps trying a bit hard film with the long intense voiceover over a the wide estabilshing shot of a man walking into frame, trying to establish a tone of serious troubles, the film actually did by the end do a great job of pulling it off. I liked the twist at the end. The effects were good and it was well shot for the most part. Suitably dark.


A man is sent to jail when his lover mysteriously dies after they commit a robbery.

Audio: 3
Video: 2.5
Story: 1.5
Acting: 1.5

Pros: The voiceover wasn't bad, use of props was quite good (curious whether they dug the grave or just...borrowed one?). The masses were impressed by the card un-ripping. Some of the shots were interesting.

Cons: As a mostly serious film, I think it could have used a bit more treatment, grading or just lighting to set the tone. Some of the plot points were a little odd too, and I had trouble working out why certain things happened.

Overall: A good effort and some nice set dressing. Maybe a bit more story development would have been nice.


Story was ok but the reunion aspect was very small, it was more of a supernatural revenge flick. good locations.


An interesting story, may have been slightly confusing for some but I seemed to catch the main premise

well shot and had a good feel to the serious nature of the short.

impressed at the grave being dug, think the coffin inside it let that down somewhat though, the look didnt quite work and showed how shallow the grave was

overall quite a good film,good use of the prison location