'Hush Little Baby' by ASAP

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Hush Little Baby
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The Musical Movie
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It was funny. The usage of double entendre was clever. The scene of the entire family singing to the baby in support of the father was hilarious. Employment of humour of a level higher than teen jokes would have been better.


For a musical, it took a while for the music to start. The use of pre-existing songs was a pretty safe option, and as 'me myself and i' stated, more mature humour would have set this apart. However, it was a well shot film, and very well paced. Very good use of character, though. A strong story, though not much of a musical.


Clearly these guys were not hoping for musical...?! I liked what this film looked like and the humour in it but it didn't really qualify as a musical for me. Like the other reviewers have said it was a bit basic in the plot line and execution for me but visually it looked very cool.


I enjoyed this one. If anyone knows the terrors of trying to get a baby to sleep and what it can do for your relationship they would identify with this. Simple concept, well executed and effectively carried out. Nice use of the Vic Meyer character too. The sing was very comical with its very suggestive rhyming couplets, treaded the line nicely by inference rather than being explicit in its crassness. Only misgiving are that the tunes weren't exactly original.


A birthday party for a child finishes and Dad wants some 'alone time' with his wife and just as it heats up the baby cries so he goes in to sing the baby to sleep with some amusingly rude lyrics. Didn't really feel that this was a musical but it was nicely shot and humorous.


Birthday party of young Vic Meyer. After the party Mr. Meyer wants some sexy time with his wife, but the baby doesn't wanna be quite, so he has to sing some "good night songs". I like the concept, very well shot.


I thought it was a very clever film, but it lacked some aspects of the musical genre.


Unlike other reviewers, I found the musical aspect of this film satisfactory. Great concept, but the use of happy birthday is as far as I know illegal in this competition. Funny and well shot.


I think the team did a brilliant job putting this film together. What is nice about this film is the brightness and colour. The happiness and love that clearly went into the film and the subtle Musical touch added to the film. It definitely stands out and i believe this film has a spot in the Semi finals. Well done ASAP team.


Musical always a tough one to crack so well done to this short was quite funny and nicely paced for the competition well deserving of a top 3 placing in the heat :)


this film was awesome totally unexpected and halerious great story and acting- did well with musical


So bright and colourful and extremely well shot.
Sound was also really well done.
Lyrics very smart and overall just awesome short film :)


Hard genre but a more than decent attempt at it by this team. A little slow paced I thought but a funny, simple idea pulled off well is all you need to make a very watchable and fun short film. Well done!


Liked the cinematography and the plot idea but you did side step the whole Musical genre by using Hush Little Baby as the only song. Happy Birthday to You is indeed copyrighted therefore can't be used in 48Hrs without permission of the copyright owner. It was funny though and using the departed guests as returning singers in support of the "pent up" Dad was good thinking. I would have liked to have seen the Mum character a bit more developed in terms of having more song lines throughout to build the an.. tis.. i...pay-tion.