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The Converging Storyline Movie
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Good concept although a little predictable. Favourite part was the Jehova Witness promoters.


Nice use of genre, though the string motif felt a little on the nose. A clear story, if a bit cliched. The bleeding in the bathtub was all a bit silly though, same with the downer of an ending. Well intended cinematography with some great shots, and very good soundtrack choices as well. Also, a good laugh with the Jehova's Witness characters. A fair film.


Nice use of the character trait. Girl tries to kill herself for some reason (we find out later) Vic is haunted by a masked figure and kept awake. Some dramatic scenes and not bad overall.


Interesting film if a little morbid. Suicide is a hard topic to tackle and unfortunately it seems as if suicide was encouraged because these two got to be together, or in another reading they are both stuck in this world between worlds where they only exist. Either way it was a bit depressing and seemed to glorify suicide over the alternative of turning to God with some freaky Jehovah's witnesses. The alternative of life therefore seemed just as despairing.


A well intended film about death, loss, despair, and love. Some great visuals that gave it a nice horror feel a la The Ring etc. I felt the film could have played up the suspense a bit more too and I wasn't clear on the use of the string either. The bath scene was well acted and kudos for tackling a tough subject. I wonder if the writers thought about an alternate ending where the girl found something to live for?


A dark film about love, depression and suicide

Audio: 2.5/5
Video: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Acting: 3.5/5

Pros: This film did a great job with its tone. It's so hard to set a serious tone among all the humorous stuff in a heat, but this hit the nail on the head. There was a brief funny moment with some god bothers, and it didn't detract at all. I thought the scene in the bathtub was well done and very poignant. People around me were commenting that it was a bit too dark, but that's a stylistic choice and one that I think was well executed.

Cons: I had a bit of trouble with the story. The masked man and the card seemed a little odd and superfluous. I had trouble working out who had died and why. The video was also a bit dark and grainy in places.

Overall: A really nice achievement of tone, some unfortunate story issues and a bit of grainy video.


I liked this film, overall it looked great, had both light and heavy moments(neither of which felt out of place) and they made me actually feel something for the characters. The suicide prevention was awesome, cringe worthy!

The only thing I could point out here is in the scene when we see the protagonist get up to go for a walk, we see the masked figure in the mirror before he leaves for quite a while, it would have been much creepier if the figure had appeared AFTER he closed the door instead of disappearing after he closed the door.


Great use of CBD locations. Some genuinely disturbing imagery. I didn't quite follow the plot, as I wasn't certain if timeline was linear.


a good storyline albeit a bit cliche
good dark imagery and use of the city

think the string was a bit much but the overall film was a good effort


Liked the morbid atmosphere in this one.

The converging story line aspect was a little confusing at points, but overall not a a bad effort