'The Solution' by ADHDMi

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The Solution
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The Techno Thriller Movie
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If 'Brothers' is anything to go by from last year, this is a team that tries it's best to twist technical storytelling conventions to create something as out there as possible within the time frame. 'The Solution' carries on this tradition.

A dystopian future, a mysterious website where you can download 'the solution' to your sickness or troubles, a mind trip 3D sequence (glasses were handed out at the door, by masked characters), great use of sound and score, as well as a clever use of prop. This team has really embraced the idea of creating more of a visual experience than a short film, though perhaps the experiment may have been lost on a few punters. Something a little different to distance themselves from other teams, if a bit too much for some to connect to. Still, a stand out in the heat. Techno thriller was a genre this team saw to do something out of the box, and dived in (for those who saw this, pun was intended).


It is clear that ADHDMi values style over substance. While it makes for a visually interesting film, it lacks narrative qualities. 3D was a great idea. Watching the film with blue and red glasses made us feel that the 3D would kick in at any instance; however we only realised in the end that it didn't work and we had the watch the entire film in mind altering blue and red for no reason. Great sound mixing as usual.


Firstly, I appreciate what ADHDMI did with this film -- I think it looked great, and the idea of doing a 3D film was a novel idea, and the group must be applauded for continually pushing the boundaries of shorts in this comp. BUT, in saying that, I felt that while it was a really nice piece and had a great aesthetic, I felt it lacked a bit of substance and went on for a bit too long. I felt the films that worked the best in Heat 2 were the punchier ones that got their point across in an economical fashion. Unfortunately for a short, this kinda dragged, and equally as unfortunate, the 3D didn't really come off that well -- I'm not sure if it was where I was sitting or if it was just iffy 3D. While I was a little disappointed by it, I would recommend it, for the visual lyricism if nothing else.


Stepped it up this year with 3d. Vic downloads a program 'the solution' into a glass of water then following the instructions drinks it. This leads into what I presume was a very impressive 3D scene (unfortunately there were too many people for the available glasses and I missed out) before the end which I won't give away here.


Built up a lot of expectation with offering of 3D glasses outside the cinema. And when someone announced that the film was in 3D I put my glasses on and certainly the intro was in 3D but then the film if it was just didn't seem to work in 3D so was a bit disappointed. The point is great effort to go to something like that but in that kind of situation its not the greatest publicity I think for your film because you have automatically created expectation and then disappointment. Having said that I think it was a cool film. Great use of the genre. Downloading a cure for a disease off the internet. Plugging the USB into a glass of water and then drinking it. And then dying at the end and being carried off by people in gas masks. It did well in creating suspense and the soundtrack must have helped in that as I have vague recollections of it. The thing was that this movie was more than just a movie it was an experience. Which was cool. Ultimately however I did find that the resolution was a bit easy, although the sequence after the drink was neat. What is it saying though that the solution to disease is death. Perhaps I am reading too much into it because obiviously there was something more sinister behind it with the gas masked people at the end, but I guess I just wanted a little bit more than exciting visuals and concept.


I quite liked the setup and then. Um. What happened?


I thought this film was very cleverly done, but I became lost at the end as to why he died at the end - what was the reason for that?

Apart from that, very cool film. I enjoyed it because it was different, and the 3D was a good effort as well.


A film about a solution to the global recession.

Audio: 3.5/5
Video: 4.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Acting: 2.5/5

Pros: Visually a pretty great film. This team goes above and beyond each year to bring something unique and this was no exception. I loved the use of an actual website created for the film, and was impressed with the costumed actors handing out 3D Glasses at the screening. The underwater scene was interesting, and some snappy cuts did a lot for this film.

Cons: I'm so gutted I missed out on a pair of glasses. I was sitting up the back with another reviewer and by the time we realised there were glasses, we both missed out, so I can't comment on the 3D (though I did nab a pair off someone as they were leaving, so hoping to see it in 3D in the screening room). If we took the website and 3D glasses out of the equation and looked only at the story, I'd be a bit disappointed. It's OK but it's nothing spectacular and I thought they could have been a bit more creative with the ending.

Overall: A stunning film to look at, I love how unique this team is every year with their offering. It was definitely the most interesting film of the night visually, but the narrative was a bit boring in places.

PS: Plugging in a glass of water via USB would be a great prank.


When I was handed a pair of 3d glasses I got pretty excited, I put them on and waited in anticipation. The intro was a cool 3d vortex, yay, these guys can do 3d.

To bad it didn't work in the actual film. I spent the first 30 secs trying to figure out if the film was in 3d or not (at that point it wasn't), so I missed all the subtitled dialogue resulting in me having no idea what was happening. That meant I had no investment in the rest of the film, and then when the 3d did kick in, it still didn't work.

The idea of downloading medicine was fun, but the scene leading up to getting said medicine was drawn out to long. I certainly hope broadband is faster than that in the future.

With the right soundtrack it would make a great music video but this film left me disappointed.


Video: 5/5
Audio: 4/5
Story: 2/5
Overall: 3/5
Music, video, pacing was a perfect recipe for a great music video. I greatly applaud their attempt at raising the bar higher for technology in 48hrs, but was over hyped in my honest opinion. Thank you for the creative burst!


Very technically proficient. Sound and music were used effectively to add a real sense of atmosphere. I didn't have 3D glasses so can't comment, but cool idea. The ending was perhaps a little bit weak compared to the buildup.


good on a technical aspect, well shot and good sound

think it was a bit lacking in substance, the ending could have been worked on a bit more
didnt get 3d glasses so cant say much for the quality but impressed at ADHDMi pushing the boundaries with that