'Victim' by Act Natural

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The Action / Adventure Movie
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I think this team became very lost with their concept. The first opening shots were very nice and set the scene, but then I slowly started to get confused, and my confusion didn't stop. The prop of cards seemed as though it was just used so they could get the prop in to the film, although I think I seemed to understand the meaning of the 'joker' card at the end. Good effort though, as the team was not equipped with the best equipment.


An exercise in suspense. I found the narrative a little difficult to follow.


I didn't particularly enjoy this entry, I felt it was overly long and uneventful, the use of the cards felt a little contrived and it all ended in a pay off that sort of fizzled out, and made me kind of annoyed. Some nice shots throughout, and the lead did a relatively good job of holding together a largely non-existent story. There's definitely talent on display here, I just hope that in the future they utilise that talent better, and make an engaging film that keeps the audience interested for its duration.


Vic is kept up by an alarm clock that is constantly going off, runs around looking for it and eventually finds it in a very odd place. We then see how it is being moved at the end. Not a strong story but the acting was fine.


Probably a good example of story being key. A lot of attempts to create mystery or suspense were left feeling hollow and confusing i.e the use of prop. Visually, this film was pretty good, but again, nail that story first. Otherwise, these nice shots are pretty empty.

Your intro was hilarious though. More of that, please.


Was this the one with the chickens as the intro. Yeah great intro. The shot was great and it was hilarious and captivating captured the audience. With such a great intro we were all expecting something pretty amazing to come after it. But the rest just wasn't up to par. In fact the intro was so great that the story was just completely disappointing and lost because of it's overwhelming genius.


An insomniac searches the house for a beeping alarm clock.

Audio: 3/5
Video: 2.5/5
Story: 1.5/5
Acting: 3/5

Pros: Some pretty great acting. I enjoyed the half-crazed look in the main actress's eye, and a lot of the cuts were quite snappy. The audio was also pretty good; I think a good percentage of the audience was annoyed with the alarm clock sound, appropriately so.

Cons: The ending fell a bit flat for me. It answered the how, but not the why, which left me in a bit of a lurch and seemed a bit weak. I also didn't gel with the use of prop, which seemed a bit forced. I don't imagine this will be the last "noise keeping me up at night" film we'll be seeing.

Overall: Some great moments, decent sound and good acting. A bit more time taken with the story might have been good.


This was sooooo far from being an action or adventure film and it had the worst use of required elements of the heat. Insomnia is not the inability to find your alarm clock, if the character had been an insomniac their clock wouldn't have been stolen because she would have been awake.


This was painful to watch.


Good ideas and use of required elements. Some nice use of depth of field. Story throughline maybe a little unclear